House located in a low-density residential zone at the franco-swiss border

Architects: Zoomfactor Architects
Location: Challex , France
Year: 2016
Area: 2.045 ft²/ 190 m²
Photo courtesy: Lotfi Dakhli

“The plot for the house is located in Challex, in a low-density residential zone at the franco-swiss border. The house fades into the landscape by being dug into the slope and the vegetalization of the roof. It is organized around two levels, in one cohesive volume which allows us to reconcile the existing vineyard and a stunning southern view of the Mont Salève. The access for cars and pedestrians is situated on the north side upper level. The main floor includes a garage, studio, utility room, kitchen and living room.

At the center of the plan is an open kitchen-dining-living area which is continued with half-covered terraces giving a sheltered outdoor area. On the lower level, the three rooms are surrounded by the vineyard. Large bay windows offer southern exposure and a beautiful view of the Mont Saleve. A particular attention was given to the creation of custom made furniture in natural materials, contrasting with the deliberate rough feel of the house. In the rooms and in the kitchen, mirrors reflect the landscape, unveiling it in every directions.”