Elegant River Apartment in Turin by deamicisarchitetti

Elegant River Apartment in Turin by deamicisarchitetti

Architects: deamicisarchitetti
Location: Turin, Italy
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: deamicisarchitetti

Run of the mill stately manors in Turin are sorted out in purported “chain spaces”, as a result, three center regions have been recognized: the coatroom, the kitchen, and the lobby control the indoor ways dodging the utilization of lobbies or vestibules.


Such spaces gain the most thickness of engineering and useful substance, rather than staying little and extra places. The huge lounge room with its astonishing perspective of the stream and the principle rooms and administration spaces get to be supplementary to them, situated on those sides that have less lucky perspectives.


Couple of valuable materials, for example, marble and warmth treated oak floors, are widely utilized: they take into account less particular intercessions without bringing down the standard of the loft, so that the beauty of the current components is not overshadowed.

Elegant-River-Apartment-in-Turin-by-deamicisarchitetti-03 Elegant-River-Apartment-in-Turin-by-deamicisarchitetti-04 Elegant-River-Apartment-in-Turin-by-deamicisarchitetti-05 Elegant-River-Apartment-in-Turin-by-deamicisarchitetti-06 Elegant-River-Apartment-in-Turin-by-deamicisarchitetti-07 Elegant-River-Apartment-in-Turin-by-deamicisarchitetti-08 Elegant-River-Apartment-in-Turin-by-deamicisarchitetti-09 Elegant-River-Apartment-in-Turin-by-deamicisarchitetti-10 Elegant-River-Apartment-in-Turin-by-deamicisarchitetti-11 Elegant-River-Apartment-in-Turin-by-deamicisarchitetti-12 Elegant-River-Apartment-in-Turin-by-deamicisarchitetti-13 Elegant-River-Apartment-in-Turin-by-deamicisarchitetti-14

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