House in Vienna by Sono Arhitekti

House in Vienna by Sono Arhitekti

Architects: Sono Arhitekti
Location: Vienna, Austria
Year: 2015
Area: 1,937 sqft
Photo courtesy: Matevž Paternoster

Sample house design for Lumar IG – Slovenian manufacturer of low energy and passive prefabricated buildings – is located in one of the biggest show parks for prefabricated houses in Fertighaus-Park Blaue Lagune in Wiener Neudorf.


This one-family home consists of two different size volumes with one-gable roof. They create a dynamic form that changes its shape from every view corner. While we enter into an open spacious groundfloor area which because of its shape slowly reveals as a pleasant intimate ambience to the visitor. The living room offers a lot of light through the large glazed window surfaces. They are designed as a sitting area from where we can observe the surroundings. A prominent staircase leads us to the upper sleeping area through the gallery that overlooks the living area below. The sleeping area consists of a large bedroom with its own dressing room and a bathroom, two smaller rooms with a smaller bathroom.


The unified facade constructed of large format panels emphasizes the dynamics of the house’s form. Nevertheless, the type of materials that are used are subdued. Dominant material is wood in its natural colors that are combined with light shades of the facade’s surfaces. Larger glazed surfaces present the connection to its natural surroundings. The result is a modern residential building with optimal functional floor plans, which offer a comfortable and a pleasant living.

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