G House by Bruce Stafford Architects

G House by Bruce Stafford Architects

Architects: Bruce Stafford Architects
Location: Vaucluse, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Year: 2010
Photo courtesy: Karl Beath

A commonplace eastern Suburbs harbor view site; long, limited and slanting far from the street toward harbor and Manly perspectives.


As the house is set lower than the street with living spaces opening back toward the road, a lightweight timber screen channels road sees and makes protection, yet permits light and ventilation to the private living spaces. The house has two living levels; the essential living level opens out toward a raised perspective and the lower living region streams out to a pool deck and private yards.


The resting level is situated on the top level, giving security, tranquil and directing perspectives. Our essential outline generator was to connection vertical and even flow through twofold and triple volume spaces and a dialog of skimming planes and associated textural components. Completed, for example, cleaned solid floors inside and remotely, tinted solid seat tops, crude basalt, timber and steel are collected in a contemporary sythesis to encourage simple living and a consistent stream in the middle of all around.

G-House-03 G-House-04 G-House-05 G-House-06 G-House-07 G-House-08 G-House-09-1 G-House-09 G-House-11 G-House-12

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