Haus D10 by Werner Sobek

Haus D10 by Werner Sobek

Architects: Werner Sobek
Location: Biberach an der Riss, Germany
Year: 2011
Photo courtesy: Zooey Braun

Situated in Biberach a der Riss, Germany, D10 is a solitary story one-family home implicit a set up local location. A private garage gives access to the house. Two parallel shear dividers are a recognizing highlight of the building.


Liberally composed coating serves to give a spatial walled in area. Secured by a broadly anticipating level rooftop a liberally measured yard surrounding the house serves to unite the indoor space with the open air space. Access to the building is likewise picked up by means of this yard.


The living regions are situated on the ground floor, whilst the subordinate rooms are housed in the cellar. The building is bordered on the north side by a twofold carport, which can be gotten to straightforwardly from the storm cellar. A stairway in the lounge gives access inside the house.


The vitality idea ensures that the greater part of the vitality required to run the building is picked up from regenerative sources. A geothermal vitality framework and a very proficient warmth pump give the vitality required to create warm water and meet warming and cooling needs. The whole surface of the rooftop is fitted with a photovoltaic framework that produces more power on a yearly normal than the building expends.


D10 is one of the first structures on the planet in which the Triple Zero ® idea created by Werner Sobek will be completely executed.

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