The Advantages of Selling Your House with a Flat Fee MLS Listing

The Advantages of Selling Your House with a Flat Fee MLS Listing


Selling your home can be a long, stressful, and expensive experience – one that people usually don’t want to repeat in a hurry!


Making sure that your next home is your dream home-for-life is most people’s priority; but sometimes life happens, and you need to move away. Maybe you got a new job in a new state, need to move closer to family, or just decide you need a fresh start. On top of all this, huge commissions paid to realtors can put you on a back foot financially when you need your money the most.

That’s why so many people are foregoing the realtor route and choosing to sell their house through the MLS instead. MLS stands for Multiple Listing Service, and when you do it yourself, requires only one flat fee to list your home on dozens of the very best property listing sites.

Below, we’re listing all the reasons why selling your home yourself using this service has multiple benefits over using a realtor.


  1. Save $$$

When you partner with a realtor to sell your property, they will usually charge you a hefty listing commission to register your home on the MLS and may even charge you with a buyer’s agent commission when the sale is going through.

By self-listing on the MLS, you pay just one flat fee, with zero listing commission to your realtor. You may have to pay a buyer’s agent commission if your buyer is purchasing through a realtor; but even in this case, you could still potentially save thousands. If your buyer doesn’t have a realtor, you pay NO commission!

Basically, by listing your property yourself and not paying an expensive real estate broker to do it for you, you get to keep your money to put towards your new forever property.


  1. You’re In Control

Sure, a real estate agent will take the load off your hands – for a big price. They negotiate offers for you, market your home to potential buyers, and set up viewings without you needing to lift a finger. But this way, you lose money and control.

Listing your home yourself means that you can set your own price, schedule your own open house viewings, and liaise directly with buyers to ensure your home is going to the right family. You can negotiate offers and counter-offers yourself, meaning that you get the exact price that you want for your property. You’re even in charge of marketing your home: you take the photos and write the advert. After all, you know your own property’s selling points better than any realtor does.

With self-MLS listing, you’re in charge of the whole process – meaning no people viewing your home at inconvenient times or feeling that your agent is underselling your house. It may take a little extra work on your part, but it’s worth it in the end.


  1. You Gain Selling Experience

Selling your first home yourself is the hard part. Once you’ve learnt the laws of the land, housing market rules and regulations, and all the dos and don’ts, there’s nothing stopping you from doing the same again!

Selling a house on your own initiative takes time and energy, but once you make your first sale for a huge profit, you’ll be addicted. The project management, marketing and sales skills you gain could lead to a new career in real estate!

So: you’ve saved (and potentially made) thousands of dollars, gained a new expertise and bought yourself a new house in the process – all by yourself, without help from the experts.

Flat fee MLS listing is the new big thing for people who have the time to invest in such a project. People are finding that they can easily fit this in around their work and family commitments if they truly want to do so.


What are you waiting for? Investigate flat fee MLS selling today if you’re considering selling your home – you won’t regret it!

Thank you for reading this article!

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