Amenities to look for when buying a house

Amenities to look for when buying a house


Searching for a house to buy is always a daunting task, especially if you’re not familiar with the area and the amenities it offers. Finding a home situated in a walking distance to some essential local amenities is a priority. You want to live near a supermarket, so you can easily purchase what you need. You also want to live on a public transport route, especially if you don’t use a car to go to and from work.

The absolute necessity of checking for amenities before buying a house cannot be overstated because, at the end of the day, this decision is the most important in your lifetime. While for some the location may be important, for you the luxurious amenities the neighbourhood provide may be more imperative.

Whether this is the first home you buy, or you’re a veteran in the real estate market, you should keep an eye on certain amenities. Some sellers can stage and make a house look good with their belongings still in place, but once they take them out, the walls are all that remain. So, check the following list of amenities when searching for a house because it’ll assure you it’s worth the investment.


Open kitchen floor

Even if you’re not a talented chef, the kitchen will be the centre of your home because there you’ll gather with your friends and family to eat and spend time together. It feels inviting to have an open floor kitchen that is connected to your dining or living room area. This floor plan not only opens the space but also makes the house feel larger and allows more light to enter inside. In new constructions, this layout is pretty common, so it’s not hard to find a house featuring it. Most constructors utilise open floor plans that connect the kitchen with the dining or living room to make the house look larger and cosier.

It’s more challenging to find an open floor plan in an older house because builders used to build walls between all rooms of the house to create private areas. However, recently renovated properties showcase an open floor plan because more and more homeowners prefer to break down walls and fuse two spaces.

Outdoor space

When living in Australia you want to spend time outdoors, so you’re looking for a property with usable outdoor space.

Whether you prefer a house with an outdoor pool, a fenced backyard, a porch area where to spend time with your family, or a private lanai, you should always inspect the outdoor space the house features when you visit a prospective purchase.

If you have pets or kids, check if the house comes with a screen or fenced backyard or patio. Supposing you love to host parties and family gatherings, look for a place with an outdoor kitchen or grill. And if you want to indulge in a luxurious lifestyle, get a house with a private pool.

An outdoor space makes your property feel complete and allows you to connect with nature during these moments when you cannot travel. Houses with functional outdoor spaces are more expensive than the average properties, so you may need to apply for a loan to purchase it. If you choose this financing option use a home loan stamp duty calculator to figure out how much you can get and how much you have to repay.

Storage options

No matter how organised you are, it would help if you had plenty of space when you live in a house. From the kitchen to the bedroom and bathroom, all rooms should feature storage solutions. There is nothing that living in a home that fits your needs perfectly and allows you to store all your belongings out of the way. Having smart storage options keeps your house organised and makes it look more spacious. Plus, if you have children or pets, storage makes it safer for them to mumble around.

Popular storage solutions in modern houses include kitchen pantries, walk-in closets, cabinets, attic storage, bathroom closets and hall closets.


One of the most important amenities to look for when buying a house is the bathroom. Modern properties have different bathroom layouts you can select from. But if you want to purchase an older house, hire an inspector to check the bathroom to ensure they don’t require extra work to function flawlessly. Be on the lookout for funny smells, moulding issues, crooked porcelain or recent repairs. The last thing you want is to pour money in an old structure that requires complete refurbishment once the old homeowner removes the furniture and appliances.

A new construction would allow you to create the bathroom layout from scratch to meet your preferences and remove the stress of dealing with pre-existing issues. On the other hand, it may cost more to purchase a new house. Decide what bathroom plan works best for your needs and share it with your real estate agent to match you with homes that fit the description.

HVAC system

All new constructions come with air conditioning units. With Australia having one of the hottest weathers in the world, a good HVAC system is essential to save you money on energy bills. Ensure that the house features a working HVAC system that quickly cools your home.

A new cooling system is definitely not something you want to buy when you move to a new house because it can cost as much as the entire living room furniture. If the house has an already installed HVAC system, ask the homeowner to provide the warranty and service paperwork to make sure they adequately installed and cared for the system.

Hiring an inspector to check the house before making an offer can save you money and prevent you from purchasing a home that requires extensive expenses.

Ceiling fans are great money-savers when buying a house in Australia because they cool the building quickly and circulate the air without triggering expensive energy bills.

Last but not least, check the house insulation because it plays a crucial role in keeping the construction cool during the hot days of summer.

Buying a new house is exciting, but if you lack knowledge, it can turn into a nerve-racking experience.

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