Vaucluse House by MPR Design Group

Vaucluse House by MPR Design Group

Architects: MPR Design Group
Location: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Year: 2010
Area: 600 sqm
Photo courtesy: MPR Design Group

The idea for this home was to mirror the geography and landform of the Sydney Habour bowl. The house is communicated as a progression of flat layers – the sandstone clad base echoes the stone precipices that embrace the gulfs of Sydney Harbor.


The upper stories of planar white rendered structures react to the solid northern light found in the southern side of the equator. Between the cantilevered white planes, full stature low-E coating catches the sensational harbor sees whilst keeping up a thermally productive interior environment.


There was a cognizant choice to differentiate exact man made materials, for example, steel and glass with normal materials, for example, the locally cut sandstone.


Situated in a little scale rural road, the four story habitation consolidates its essential living regions on the top floor exploiting 180 degree perspectives of the city and harbor. With introduction toward the north and west and the capacity to open up totally to the outside, the house has viable cross ventilation invalidating the utilization of cooling.


The house is associated by a light filled stair shaft with section through a twofold stature lobby situated on the room level. A consistent move in the middle of inside and outside spaces implies that living territories stream to open air overhangs and secured porches.

Vaucluse-House-01 Vaucluse-House-02 Vaucluse-House-03-1 Vaucluse-House-03 Vaucluse-House-04-0 Vaucluse-House-05 Vaucluse-House-06 Vaucluse-House-07 Vaucluse-House-08-0 Vaucluse-House-09 Vaucluse-House-10 Vaucluse-House-11 Vaucluse-House-12 Vaucluse-House-13 Vaucluse-House-14 Vaucluse-House-15 Vaucluse-House-20 Vaucluse-House-21 Vaucluse-House-22 Vaucluse-House-23 Vaucluse-House-24

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