Casa Vale Do Lobo by Arqui+Arquitectura

Casa Vale Do Lobo by Arqui+Arquitectura

Architects: Arqui+Arquitectura
Location: Algarve, Portugal
Area: 6,450 square foot
Photos: FG + SG Architectural Photography

The Villa is arranged in Vale do Lobo, an extravagance golf and shoreline resort in Southern Portugal. The plot is an end plot encompassed by golf, greenery and a little lake. Because of the area we have intentionally picked not to make a reasonable limit in the middle of plot and surroundings, rather utilizing the real building to make the refinement in the middle of open and private spaces.


The estate has been produced fit as a fiddle around a focal yard space making a feeling of scale and control inside of the open environment. Inside of this patio we have made a suspended pool which turns into the fundamental visual point of convergence of the manor. Being the fundamental visual center, we have decided on the making of the pool as a sculptural component, while as yet serving the capacity as the principle pool.


The suspended part of the pool allows the stream of the patio past the pool, in this way not containing the space. This upper fundamental pool falls down into a lower reflecting pool that can likewise be utilized as a kids’ sprinkle pool. The sound of the running water makes an exceptionally quiet and unwinding environment. This lower reflecting pool thus “outwardly” falls down into the indoor pool arranged inside of the home spa range. The continuation of the utilization of the dark mosaic through into the home spa fortifies this idea.


The external border of the principle building volume has been separated with persistent redundant vertical dividers, verging on like a fortification, setting up an unmistakable obstruction in the middle of open and private. The spaces confronting into the patio then again offer most extreme straightforwardness, minimizing the obstruction in the middle of indoor and open air spaces. So as to reinforce the indoor and open air interconnection we have proceeded with the same floor level through to the outside with sliding entryways that slide back completely with no particular edge in the middle of indoor and open air, extending the living spaces to the open air.


The principle living spaces of the estate have been created fit as a fiddle mortar and painted white volume, with one wing committed to the 5 rooms and the other wing devoted to the primary living spaces. The single story living space sits at a middle of the road level between the 2 story room wing meaning simple access to the fundamental living space from all rooms.


This fundamental living volume ventures out toward the south as a suspended glass solid shape in which we have put a sitting zone (cozy) with chimney opening onto the perspectives of both the lake and the fairway. The top of this volume serves as a rooftop porch with scaled down pool, open air living space and BBQ range for night excitement. The semi covered storm cellar space houses the primary indoor amusement territories of the estate, for example, diversions room, home silver screen and home spa, and the twofold carport and administration ranges. The home spa confronted operating at a profit mosaics toward the end of the volume make the feeling of a limitless space.


The estate is a ceaseless play of solids versus straightforwardness, which at last make an extremely intriguing play of light versus shadow. As far as materials we have attempted to highlight this play of strong versus void, by complementing planes with the utilization of wood framing both inside and remotely, in which the entryways and so on have been covered up all together not to separate the feeling of volume or plane. For the ground surface we have worked with a dark sandstone which is an exceptionally homogeneous stone which makes the sentiment a square of stone that has been cut, minimizing the decipherability of the joints and so on.


Casa-Vale-do-lobo-08 Casa-Vale-do-lobo-09 Casa-Vale-do-lobo-10 Casa-Vale-do-lobo-11 Casa-Vale-do-lobo-12 Casa-Vale-do-lobo-13 Casa-Vale-do-lobo-14 Casa-Vale-do-lobo-15 Casa-Vale-do-lobo-16 Casa-Vale-do-lobo-17 Casa-Vale-do-lobo-18 Casa-Vale-do-lobo-19 Casa-Vale-do-lobo-20 Casa-Vale-do-lobo-21 Casa-Vale-do-lobo-22 Casa-Vale-do-lobo-23 Casa-Vale-do-lobo-24 Casa-Vale-do-lobo-25 Casa-Vale-do-lobo-26 Casa-Vale-do-lobo-27 Casa-Vale-do-lobo-28 Casa-Vale-do-lobo-29 Casa-Vale-do-lobo-30 Casa-Vale-do-lobo-31 Casa-Vale-do-lobo-32 Casa-Vale-do-lobo-33 Casa-Vale-do-lobo-34 Casa-Vale-do-lobo-35 Casa-Vale-do-lobo-36 Casa-Vale-do-lobo-39 Casa-Vale-do-lobo-40 Casa-Vale-do-lobo-41 Casa-Vale-do-lobo-42 Casa-Vale-do-lobo-43 Casa-Vale-do-lobo-44 Casa-Vale-do-lobo-45 Casa-Vale-do-lobo-46 Casa-Vale-do-lobo-47 Casa-Vale-do-lobo-48 Casa-Vale-do-lobo-49 Casa-Vale-do-lobo-50 Casa-Vale-do-lobo-51 Casa-Vale-do-lobo-52 Casa-Vale-do-lobo-53 Casa-Vale-do-lobo-54 Casa-Vale-do-lobo-55 Casa-Vale-do-lobo-56 Casa-Vale-do-lobo-57 Casa-Vale-do-lobo-60 Casa-Vale-do-lobo-61 Casa-Vale-do-lobo-62 Casa-Vale-do-lobo-64

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