House in La Moraleja by Dahl Architects + GHG Architects

House in La Moraleja by Dahl Architects + GHG Architects

Architects: Dahl Architects + GHG Architects
Location: La Moraleja, Madrid, Spain
Year: 2010
Photos: Alfonso Quiroga

The undertaking is the development of a lasting home for a group of five individuals, the plot is situated in a solidify urbanization in the north range of Madrid. On the ground floor there are the most open ranges: 1 visitor room, library, recreations room, lounge area and administration region. On the first floor, there are 4 rooms with yards exercise center and study.


One of the asked for prerequisites was that each rooms and social regions ought to have sees into the plot, open to the patio nursery region, the perspective ought to never be to the road, in spite of the decreased front and the requirement for practical freedom of project ranges, folks, youngsters, visitors, social and administration zones.


In a bland world, progressively far from the nature, this house was anticipated joining the uniqueness of the spot with the express wish of the customer who needs to secure his protection yet stay in perpetual contact with the outside world as a private space . Wishes that in time and space are not really good.


To accomplish the wanted security a roundabout divider that encompasses the back of the house has been outlined , it makes a progression of private porches shielded from the general population outside space, obscuring and growing the real furthest reaches of the plot.


The entrance is shrouded away between the paralel dividers, it create an unpredictable walk drives you to the passage patio where the house demonstrates its actual size Each components is bosses around an arrangement of meeting tomahawks in plant on the roundabout divider, it articulating open and private zones around outside space, this is show up as their very own augmentation development. In the inverse side, the house is open like a Light blast and visual associations with the private greenery enclosure areas,it plays with the reflect of water sheet.


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