Colourful chic apartment designed for a 30s single man in Rio de Janeiro by Studio ro+ca

Colourful chic apartment designed for a 30s single man in Rio de Janeiro by Studio ro+ca

Architects: Studio ro+ca
Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Studio ro+ca

“This apartment is located in Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro. A few steps from the beach. The initial idea was to create a colourful space for the owner, a young single 30 years old that could easily receive his friends.


The concept was to bring into this apartment, an urban atmosphere. Bricks, concrete and black in the kitchen, make up the mix of materials. The kitchen was fully integrated into the room. We use the ceiling colors to delimit the space of the kitchen and the living room space.


The initial idea was also to unite the guest room, leaving only a door that could be opened if necessary to integrate the two spaces.”

colourful-chic-apartment-designed-30s-single-man-rio-de-janeiro-studio-roca-03 colourful-chic-apartment-designed-30s-single-man-rio-de-janeiro-studio-roca-04 colourful-chic-apartment-designed-30s-single-man-rio-de-janeiro-studio-roca-05 colourful-chic-apartment-designed-30s-single-man-rio-de-janeiro-studio-roca-06 colourful-chic-apartment-designed-30s-single-man-rio-de-janeiro-studio-roca-07 colourful-chic-apartment-designed-30s-single-man-rio-de-janeiro-studio-roca-08 colourful-chic-apartment-designed-30s-single-man-rio-de-janeiro-studio-roca-09 colourful-chic-apartment-designed-30s-single-man-rio-de-janeiro-studio-roca-10 colourful-chic-apartment-designed-30s-single-man-rio-de-janeiro-studio-roca-11 colourful-chic-apartment-designed-30s-single-man-rio-de-janeiro-studio-roca-12

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