Organize your Home Before Holidays: Best Cleaning Tips

Top Tips for an Organized Home

This year, organizing tips became a bit thing on social media, starting to be more and more appreciated and shared. There are several days until Christmas and this is the perfect time to reorganize your home. Here are top tips that could make your life easier and more organized.

1. Flip your rugs upside down

First, you vacuum your rug just like you would ordinarily. Then, you flip your rug upside-down and vacuum it again. This has the effect of sucking dirt out, but also (somehow?) pushing dirt from the front side of the rug. If you lift up your rug, you’ll see.

To avoid getting all that dirt back in and on your rug, you should fold up half of the rug so that it sits on the other half, vacuum the dirt from the floor and then repeat on the other side.

Now, you vacuum the front side again. And then you flip it over again. If you flip the rug up and there’s dirt on the floor again, it means you’ve gotta keep going. And going. Until no dirt gets pushed out.

Admittedly, this is a rather painstaking process and if you, like me, have multiple rugs this may take you a while, but it is totally worth it.

2. Put An Extra Box Inside Your Closet to Keep it More Organized

There are two types of people when it comes to closet organization: The first is a determined person who actually ends the day with a clean space. The second is someone who finds themselves sitting in the middle of a mountain of old clothes, photos, and kick-knacks, wearing an old dress over their clothes reminiscing over the memories.

Why You Should Keep An Empty Box in Your Closet

Everybody loves organization in theory, but the empty box forces us to confront the fact that unworn clothes sitting in our closet do us no good—many times they make us feel guilty, and many more times they make us feel overwhelmed with clutter. It turns out that getting rid of the clothes, though, makes one feel great. Sometimes you can make a few bucks, and other times you get to donate them to people who will wear and enjoy them. In any case, the clothes are going to a place where they’ll bring happiness instead of stress.

3. If you don’t have a linen closet, store extra sheets folded under the mattress.

We don’t realize how many cleaning and organizing preconceptions we have until something calls them into question. Bedding and towels go in the linen closet, right? But what if you don’t have one? What are you’re going to do with all your linens?

If you’ve ever lived in a small space, you know exactly what it’s like to not only struggle to store your extra bedding, but then struggle to find that bedding—because you end up desperately stuffing it in a different area of your apartment each time.

Folding and putting extra sheets under your mattress not only saves you space, but also means that your sheets are exactly where you need them every single time. The trick here is to fold them wide: Skip the last one or two folds in your usual routine, so you’re left with a larger, but flatter, folded sheet to tuck between the mattress and the bed frame or box spring. If you have multiple sheets to store, set them side by side instead of stacking, lest you end up with a princess-and-the-pea situation.

This storage technique also has another bonus: it keeps the sheets dust-free since they’re stored tightly under your heavy mattress.

Now that you find out the top tips of organizing your home, which one will you use to organize your home from now on?

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