Country Estate by Roger Ferris + Partners

Country Estate by Roger Ferris + Partners

Architects: Roger Ferris + Partners
Location: New Canaan, Connecticut, USA
Photos: Paùl Rivera

The Wiley living arrangement in New Canaan, Connecticut, outlined by Philip Johnson in 1952–53, was bought with the aim of restoring the habitation and including another pool house, private exhibition, and carport. The modeler underlined regarding the uprightness of the property via precisely incorporating new structures into the site with the goal that they supplement and concede to the first house.


The solid volumes of the pool house and carport were minimized by embeddings them into the slope. All new outside and rebuilding materials were explored and chose nearby to blend with the current living arrangement. The moderate craftsmanship display was built on the establishment of a nineteenth century outbuilding and outlined with a customary gabled rooftop shape (a segment of the lower level houses the site’s focal mechanical plant).


The Gallery’s strong dark massing makes a contemporary background for Johnson’s straightforward house. The inside is intended to be brilliant, straightforward, and perfect, going about as background for the craftsmanship. All lighting is movable to best underscore the craftsmanship; ventilation is given by straight diffusers incorporated into almost undetectable uncovers at the peak closes.


Finding the new pool house was testing: it required thought of the prior connections of stable, pool, finishing, and house. The outline adjusts the submerged pool house with a current holding divider: pool, pool house, horse shelter, and living arrangement frame another core for the site. Going about as gatehouse, another carport denote the passage to the bequest. The tallness of the new pool house and the carport takes after the stature set by the animal dwellingplace establishment dividers and the base of the Wiley living arrangement.


Roger Ferris is the establishing important of Roger Ferris + Partners and is in charge of coordinating the outline and ace arranging work of the firm.


Under his direction, the firm has been the beneficiary of various national and local configuration grants for institutional, business, and private work, including twenty-nine AIA honor recompenses.


A graduate and Loeb Fellow of Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design, Mr. Ferris is a dynamic individual from the American Institute of Architects, the Royal Institute of British Architects, and the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards.


He has as often as possible served as an instructor and configuration member of the jury, most as of late for the AIA part in Miami. He is outlining the Paul Thek Gallery for Wilson’s Watermill Center.







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