House Heidehof by Alexander Brenner Architects

House Heidehof by Alexander Brenner Architects

Architects: Alexander Brenner Architects
Location: Stuttgart, Germany
Year: 2008
Photos: Zooey Braun

The practically triangular state of this plot, with its long road front and a great plane tree deserving of assurance at the back, required an extended building running parallel to the street.

House-Heidehof-17The broad, wood-clad carport divider, the layers of greenhouse and pool dividers before the house and the reduced white 3D shape, transcending “zebra stripes”, shield the building from the general population space on the upper east side.


The passage level on the ground floor is come to by means of a little patio and a flight of stairs. Starting here, the pool before the house can be seen on the left. The pool region is not noticeable from the roadside. The early morning daylight falling on this water surface is reflected and enters the living territory through a window strip at floor level. Oblivious, the lit up pool takes after a theoretical picture when seen from the inside.


The brilliant passageway lobby, which is described by a frameless coating extending crosswise over two stories, faces onto the patio nursery and the old plane tree. Every living space – the living range with the eating space and kitchen on the ground floor, and also the rooms, bathrooms and rooftop garden on the upper floor – offer perspectives of this forcing tree. On the upper floor, a copper-clad unit extending along the entire of the strong north divider obliges all articles and capacities to be put away. This component shapes the foundation of the upper story.


All building hardware and apparatuses are hidden behind this or different surfaces to save the serenity and the uniqueness of the room.
House-Heidehof-01 House-Heidehof-02-1 House-Heidehof-02 House-Heidehof-03-0 House-Heidehof-03-1 House-Heidehof-03-2 House-Heidehof-03 House-Heidehof-04-0 House-Heidehof-04-1 House-Heidehof-04 House-Heidehof-05 House-Heidehof-06 House-Heidehof-07 House-Heidehof-08-1 House-Heidehof-08 House-Heidehof-09 House-Heidehof-10-0 House-Heidehof-10-1 House-Heidehof-10-2 House-Heidehof-10-3 House-Heidehof-10 House-Heidehof-11 House-Heidehof-12 House-Heidehof-13House-Heidehof-14 House-Heidehof-15-1 House-Heidehof-15 House-Heidehof-16 House-Heidehof-17-1 House-Heidehof-20 House-Heidehof-21 House-Heidehof-22 House-Heidehof-23 House-Heidehof-24 House-Heidehof-30

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