Technology for Your Bathroom That Will Change Your Life

Technology for Your Bathroom That Will Change Your Life


We all love our gadgets: but do we need them in the bathroom? Really?

The digital age excludes nothing, and our bathrooms should be no exception. Technology exists to make life easier for us, and there are now plenty of ways that it helps us to better enjoy our showers, make things more hygienic, and speed up the process of washing.

So, if you’re looking to update your bathroom and want to bring in some specially-made, water-safe tech, browse our top ideas to help streamline your showers. A musical showerhead is definitely on our must-have list!


Electronic Toilet

Electronic toilets are becoming more and more popular and accessible across the world. Models like the TOTO Neorest range can be found in homes across America, due to the cleanliness and comfort they bring to you and your home!

Here’s just a few features that explains why everyone is after a Neorest:

  • Contains electrolyzed water for self-cleaning – this works basically the same as household bleach, which cleans the toilet and everything in it with effective sanitation. The best part? It’s entirely natural and turns back into ‘normal’ water within about two hours. That equals a sparkling clean commode with no harmful chemicals being flushed into the environment.
  • Spray washer for ultimate freshness (and saving you a ton on toilet roll).
  • Automatic lid, which knows when to close and open without you needing to touch it at all!


Whirlpool Bath

After a long, hard day at work, you deserve more than just a quick soak in a normal tub.

Enter the whirlpool bath: a tub pierced with tiny jet nozzles, turning your bath into a luxury jacuzzi at the touch of a button. Some even come with in-built LED lights to light up the water in any arrangement of the rainbow that you wish. They also usually feature a range of settings, so you can go from ‘bubbling brook’ to ‘river rapids’ depending on your mood.

You’ll never settle for still water again after you’ve tried a whirlpool – install one in your home today! These can come in all shapes and sizes, including regular rectangle, corner tubs, and even circular. You can even go all-out and get one the size of a small swimming pool, if you’ve the money and the space! Get yourself a whirlpool bath from brands like Trojan, Snowden and Verona.


Smart Taps


Smart taps are a great idea not just for convenience and cleanliness, but for conserving water, too. Instead of having to twist a stubborn handle to turn on your taps, you need only wave a hand across it to turn on the stream.

This means no grubby hands need to touch the fixture, meaning less cleaning for you, as it keeps a mess-free sink surface. These are also great for kids, disabled people and the elderly who might struggle with turning on normal taps.

To counteract the problem of the sensor being set off by something other than someone needing to wash their hands, these taps usually have a short timer and automatically shut off, preventing water loss.

They also come with aerated streams – water flow infused with air – making the stream softer to the touch while wasting less water. What are you waiting for? Get a smart tap from brands like Grohe, RAK, Orion and more.


Showerhead Speaker

Music fans will know that unless you have a good-quality speaker, it can be hard to hear your favorite tunes when there’s water running – especially if you have a power shower. Luckily, various brands have come up with an ingenious solution to eliminate this pesky problem: in-built showerhead speakers.

These completely waterproof speakers are set into the actual showerhead where the water flows from and can be connected to any music device that has Bluetooth capabilities. Perform your shower karaoke routine in style, without straining to hear the words! Look to companies like Kohler to purchase your very own showerhead speaker.

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