House in Juso by ARX Portugal Arquitectos

House in Juso by ARX Portugal Arquitecto

Architects: ARX Portugal Arquitecto
Location: Aldeia de Juso, Lisbon, Portugal
Year: 2009
Area: 1,830 sqft
Photo courtesy: FG+SG

In the idea for this little house in the region of Aldeia de Juso, the most minor territory of level area and the house’s, and the high thickness of the new houses yet to be implicit the surroundings, persuasively attract us to some kind of “fixation” about the conceivable outcomes of widening space.


Fundamental this inquiry, the significance of “extending” the outside space turns into a specific focal viewpoint, since it is likewise a building coordinated in a semi-provincial zone, where individuals go searching for the experience of possessing garden or open yard spaces.


Remembering that at this point the topic of “breaking points” and “regions” has turned into a typical spot, they show up here as being of most extreme pertinence. We propose, all things considered, to understand and clear up the inquiry, by enlarging to the most extreme the inhabitable premises in their worldwide degree, both in the vertical and level referentials, in both inside and outside. The building has been in this manner organized in three stories, spatially related in profile, every level having particular and distinctive attributes.


In Level – 1, the territories are laid out (as the regulations so request) under the shape of the ground level . Notwithstanding, this thought of “forced limits” is to be addressed through the method for “distensions” and “headways”, to be worked in the three conceivable headings (north, east and west), formed as yards and pool. In this floor there will likewise be incorporated work and benefit ranges.


On the ground level, the breaking points for the “regions”, shows up enlarged and characterized by the dividers around the part. The internal space is unreservedly designed. Reliable with the procedure of amplifying the vicinity of the planted outside space, the carport is then left aside to an “embedded” territory toward the south of the kitchen. All the social spaces of the building are situated on this floor.


On the upper floor lives what is the most critical articulation of this venture. Until the most extreme breaking points permitted by the regulations, was formed a sort of fenced in area of dark lines including the rooms and their individual yards, along these lines growing the charming regions and ensuring their important closeness. On the rooftop level, an available patio at last frees the eye over a 360º perspective of the encompassing houses, the ocean or the wonderful heaps of Sintra.

House-in-Juso-05-0 House-in-Juso-05 House-in-Juso-06 House-in-Juso-07 House-in-Juso-08 House-in-Juso-10 House-in-Juso-11 House-in-Juso-12 House-in-Juso-13 House-in-Juso-14 House-in-Juso-15 House-in-Juso-16 House-in-Juso-18 House-in-Juso-19 House-in-Juso-20 House-in-Juso-21 House-in-Juso-22 House-in-Juso-23 House-in-Juso-24 House-in-Juso-25 House-in-Juso-26 House-in-Juso-27 House-in-Juso-28 House-in-Juso-29 House-in-Juso-40 House-in-Juso-41 House-in-Juso-42 House-in-Juso-43 House-in-Juso-44 House-in-Juso-45 House-in-Juso-46 House-in-Juso-47 House-in-Juso-48 House-in-Juso-49 House-in-Juso-50

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