Beach House Las Lomas I-05 by Vértice Arquitectos

Beach House Las Lomas I-05 by Vértice Arquitectos

Architects: Vértice Arquitectos
Location: Playa Las Lomas del Mar, Lima, Peru
Year: 2010
Area: 2,580 sqft
Photo courtesy: Vértice Arquitectos

This house was outlined in the first column, plot 5 in Lomas del Mar shoreline in Cerro Azul, 120Km. south of Lima. The plot is a rough and sandy slope in a half bended shape that ranges 48 meters high over the ocean level and drops steeply 8 meters in its least part.


It has a 180° perspective to the Pacific Ocean toward the south, and an all encompassing perspective of the shoreline toward the east and toward the north. “The two principle objectives to add to the undertaking were to completely abuse the most ideal perspective to the sea from the social region, and also from the main room, and to capitalize on the plot of area.


Two parallel volumes were composed, to achieve the first goal, one of which inclines toward the other, which is 1.20 meters higher, to have the perspective of the ocean. The volumes are joined by a fundamental course hub which closes in a swimming pool neglecting the shoreline.


To benefit as much as possible from the plot huge cantilevers were planned, subsequent to the valuable territory of the plot was decreasing while the venture was coming to the largest amount. The principal volume is found to one side of the passage of the house, where the majority of the rooms have been found. The expert room and the connecting patio are spun 45° as to have the perspective of the ocean.


The second volume, to one side, finds the social and administration ranges in the first level. A family room and a visitor room are situated in the second level. A two-story living and lounge area range closes in the swimming pool and in a porch opposite to it. The family room, in the second level, is spatially opened to the living and lounge area in the first level, and has additionally an open perspective to the sea.


The staircase to the second level is made in normal cement and flies over the kitchen isolating this territory from the living and lounge area. The materials utilized as a part of the undertaking have been: uncovered solid, white painting in the dividers, stainless steel, treated glass and rock stone. The recent has been utilized to cover the base on which the volumes rest, with the goal of isolating these from the common landscape. The pool is shut by a twofold face overlaid glass in the outside face that allows the same straightforwardness to a perspective of the ocean as whatever is left of the house.

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