Dutch Mountain by Denieuwegeneratie

Dutch Mountain by Denieuwegeneratie

Architects: Denieuwegeneratie
Location: Huizen,
Year: 2011
Area: 709 sqm
Photo courtesy: : Jaap Vliegenthart (interior), John Lewis Marshall (exterior)

The house is situated on a verifiable farming plot in the midst of grasslands and woods in a nature hold, a – for Dutch benchmarks – uneven range. Despite the fact that the plot has been invade with little trees in time, regardless it bears the first character of the open field.


To minimize aggravation of the scene and as a kind of perspective to the encompassing uneven landscape, the house is inserted in a manufactured slope. In the meantime, this addressed the customer’s interest for keeping his environmental foot shaped impression with the house to a base. The installing in the slope at the same time capacities as cover and as a sweeping, concealing the house from perspective from the north side and utilizing the earth as warm protection. One goes into the house through cuts in the mountain, agreed with boards of gradually eroding scrap steel.


On the south side, the house has been opened to a greatest. The great glass exterior is surrounded in timber, which manages the move from the manufactured to the regular. The covering directs daylight through the seasons and takes into consideration a huge porch along the full width of the house. The patio takes after the split level of the ground floor, bounced up to the higher west façade making a henhouse underneath. At long last, it twists go down to end up the shelter. The casing is built out of songbird wood, forested from the prompt surroundings and along these lines making it a hyperlocal utilization of material. Enumerating makes a consistent move between the inside and the outside: the solid floor, window outlines and porch completing are all flush and constant from inside to outside.


The spatial structure of the house is a rectangular 12 x 19 meter open space. Steel cross the whole 12 meter width permitting awesome adaptability to the inside game plan. Inside the corridor like space, the rooms are stacked in a tumultuous way and assembled of light wooden structures, encouraging simple execution of conceivable future changes. The inside can develop alongside its occupants, a youthful family, rooms being included or evacuated through time.


There is a paired spatial involvement in the house. It is possible that you are in a room, with a cavern like air, light coming to you through profound cuts in the mountain – or you are in the extensive open space before the stacked rooms. This vast space is arranged towards the 90 m2 glass exterior which offers an astounding perspective of the encompassing woods.


The complexity in the middle of shell and rooms is obviously noticeable. The solid divider, expected to hold the mass of the mountain, is left unfinished. The welding joints of the steel compasses are obvious and the wood is untreated. Inside of this harsh shell of untreated development materials, the pile of rooms recounts a totally diverse story: each room is done by the occupants in an one of a kind and beautiful way, which communicates the distinction of the crates.


The configuration is a trial in practical techniques in both structural planning – the equipment – and the specialized establishments – the product – which have been outlined by Arup Amsterdam. The product idea comprises of photovoltaics, LED lighting, wood pellet warming in blend with low temperature warming, CO2 observed ventilation, a dim water circuit and the utilization of savvy domotics. The outcome is a house in which the aggregate sum of vitality delivered surpasses its utilization: abundance vitality can be utilized for an electric auto.


The house is striking and capricious: a test in maintainable methodologies in idea, structure, material and specialized establishments. A house that mixes discreetly in its surroundings, however emerges with spatial surprises.

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