Interior Design Elements That Every Rental Property Needs to Showcase

Interior Design Elements That Every Rental Property Needs to Showcase

When people look at rental properties, can you guess what makes them want to put in an offer? For most potential renters, it’s the interior design of the rental property. Most potential renters need to be able to see how a rental property is set up with furniture to have an idea of how their own furniture will look in the rental and the best way for them to do that is by having the interior design of a rental property set up in a way that’s appealing to renters.

People have split opinions on the interior design of rental properties. Some people feel like a rental property doesn’t need to have show furniture in it while others feel like it needs furniture in it to give potential renters an idea of how the rental property can look with their own furniture in it.

The goal with rental properties is to increase the rate or market value, right? Yes. You could look into a rental 360 loan program if you’re looking to grow your rental property portfolio and in growing your portfolio, it’s important to have your rental properties decorated to be more appealing to potential doing so, there are certain interior design elements to consider that are detrimental to the success of your rental property success.

Interior Design Elements to Consider

When it comes to interior design elements for a rental property, the idea behind the design elements for a rental property is to give it a timeless look. You want to design your rental property in a way that’s appealing to potential renters, right? Yes, but the idea of what’s considered as “timeless” varies upon the individual.

A lot of the things that were considered as outdated a few years back, is now considered to be “in”… that’s what you would call a trend. states that there are 6 elements to timeless design and one of the biggest elements is not following trends. Things like checkered tiles and shag carpets were once a big thing in the 70s but then those things went out of style, and now they’re back in style. So, when setting up your rental property to show off, keep these design elements in mind.

Keep Natural Elements Flowing Throughout the Rental Property

If you haven’t noticed already, natural elements is something that will never go out of style. In fact, natural elements are design elements that you will find in every design style. Whether it’s a wooden candle holder, natural light, or a plant, you’re going to see a natural element in every design style in some type of way, and that is a design element that people will never grow tired of.

Wooden countertops, cabinets, and flooring are all natural elements that add value to rental properties. Tiling is also a natural element worth consideration as well. Whether you’re considering wood or tiling, you want to pay close attention to the hues you choose in both. Hues on the yellow side of the color spectrum tend to outdate a home, and that’s the last thing you want to do.

You don’t want to make your rental property look outdated and old because that’s going to make potential renters think that there are updates and upgrades that need to be don to the property when really, it was just poor color choice. A good rule of thumb to stick to when it comes to natural elements in your rental property, stick to light, neutral colors and always remember that you can’t go wrong with plants, and natural light is a must… it just makes the renter feel like they could live there.

Keep the Design Simple

When you’re designing your rental property for potential renters, you have to keep in mind that you’re designing it in a way for them to see themselves living in it so if you incorporate any of your own personal flare, it could be distasteful to potential renters. That’s why you need to keep the design nice and simple.

Lots of people try to keep the design simple but spice the room up in the details… that’s where they go wrong. Sometimes it’s not all in the details. Again, when designing your rental property, potential renters need to be able to see their own furniture in the rental space and sometimes too much “stuff” can clutter their judgment and actually make a living space appear much smaller than what it really is. So keep the design simple and the amount of “stuff” to a minimum.

In case you’re unaware of what the “stuff” is, it is miscellaneous accents. You can have too many:

  • Candles
  • Vases
  • Books
  • Collectibles
  • Knick-knacks with no purpose aka dust collectors

If you keep these items to a minimum, your rental property has a real chance of meeting the needs of a potential renter.

Never Design Your Rental on One Design Style

Not every potential renter will have your same design style in mind. Your design style might be rustic and the potential renters that come in to check out the property have an industrial design style… well, both of those design styles completely clash and are on totally different ends of the design spectrum. The fact that you have the rental property decked out in deer antlers, cowhide rugs, and plaid furniture is going to be a huge turnoff to renters. You HAVE to keep your own personal style out of the rental property. Yes, the design style of the rental property and furniture and all is only for show but even still, it’s hard for renters to see past that.

Think of it like this… You’ve seen the house flipping shows like Property Brothers and Fixer Upper, right? Probably so. Well, if you haven’t, the basis of the show is that they take couples to look at homes that are in shambles. The families look at the homes with utter disgust but the house flippers assure them that they can take that house and turn it into their dream home. Although the pros are telling them what they can do, it’s hard for the potential homeowners to believe in the visions of the professionals.

That’s the mindset of potential renters… it’s hard for them to picture themselves in your property when it looks like someone else’s design style and not their own or even a neutral design. Keeping a neutral design style is the key to getting renters for your rental property.

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