Maison L by Christian Pottgiesser

Maison L by Christian Pottgiesser

Architects: Christian Pottgiesser
Location: Paris, France
Year: 2011
Area: 9,360
Photo courtesy: George Dupin, Pascale Thomas

Not as much as thirty minutes drive west from Paris downtown area is found the site of about 5000 m2. The somewhat level ground marginally tilts toward the north, just before the general geography drops unexpectedly to the stream Seine. An increase of just a couple meters of elevation would be adequate to allow an abundant perspective of the Parisian edges. The entire unique setup takes after more a clearing in a woodland.


The encompassing vegetation, basically comprising of old trees, does not permit a perspective past the thick fringe. In the northern piece of the plot one discovers today an orangery of the late eighteenth Century, possessed by a six man crew.


This outsourcing so as to build was planned to be amplified the private ranges of the relatives into an expansion, while gathering, office and administration territories stay in the previous building. The extensive grounds must be left untouched quite far, in this way, just the north-western part close to the limit must be the rule for the primary position of any new development, which at last prompted a “L”- molded general arrangement.


The temporarily introduced internals in the current building of the nineteenseventies, implied for advancing the utilization of square meters, will be disassembled. By this, the previous seven-meter high roofs of the first orangery volume gets to be evident once more. Nearby particular site prerequisites permit one and only single building with a gabled or hipped rooftop. Along these lines just an annexe kind of building is conceivable. Moreover the most extreme stature of a development is confined to eight meters.


Without a particular geometry the about 50m long ground floor of the expansion opens up from the north-western side of the orangery. Because of the stringent tallness constraints, the ground floor stays up to two meters beneath the first ground level. The entire flank of the building towards the limit of the plot is secured with soil which is proceeded on top of the 7% slanted rooftop. On the inverse side, along the south-eastern veneer develops a perplexing geology between the house and its scene. Cut towards each passage in the coating the waterway bed-formed, undulating landscape contorts to guarantee a proficient get to and exit.


The private part, shared by the six occupants – four youngsters and two folks – is divided into four unique components. Every summons a sure piece of the ground floor which progressively forms into a more private zone, without entryways, speaking with the other relatives.


The nearby construction regulation permits be that as it may, in extraordinary cases level rooftops, the length of they don’t surpass 25m2 each. In this manner five three-storied tower-like volumes were executed, stamping through the greenhouse rooftop. Glazings around every “tower” give normal lighting and a captivating progression of points of view in the middle of above and beneath, inside and outside. In every private tower are situated at the ground level, a changing area and storage room, the mezzanine, a lavatory and, at long last, in the second floor, a room. The marginally greater tower for the folks has a housetop garden from where one has an unmistakable perspective to “La Défense”, the business region of the cutting edge Paris with its sky scrapers.

Maison-L-23-1 Maison-L-23 Maison-L-24 Maison-L-31 Maison-L-32 Maison-L-36 Maison-L-37 Maison-L-40 Maison-L-41 Maison-L-42 Maison-L-45 Maison-L-46 Maison-L-47 Maison-L-50 Maison-L-51 Maison-L-52 Maison-L-53 Maison-L-54 Maison-L-55


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