9 Landscape Lighting Ideas To Amp Up Your Curb Appeal 

9 Landscape Lighting Ideas To Amp Up Your Curb Appeal 

Enhancing your home’s curb appeal is one of the key elements for a more attractive and eye-catching home appearance. Whether you’re trying to prepare your home for a resale or just want to transform its current appearance, curb appeal is among the most important aspects to prioritize. As your yard and garden are some of the areas that most people initially notice in your home, the designs must be well-thought-of and processed meticulously. Aside from enhancing your home’s interior décor and style, you must not forget about your outdoor spaces. One of the best alternatives to obtain an incredible outdoor view is to install landscape lighting.  

If you need help, you can consider hiring professional service providers like Seattle Landscape Lighting Services and other similar companies to help you with your concern. Aside from that, you can continue reading this article for better ideas. 


Pro Tips To Enhance Landscape Lighting  

When it comes to transforming their home appearance, many homeowners tend to opt for additional home décors, accessories, and appliances that could help them obtain their purposes. Some important aspects may also include exterior paints, landscaping design, and succulents. However, lighting is often neglected. Despite their incredible benefits, outdoor lighting is usually the least priority of many people. 

It’s worth mentioning that landscape lighting could effectively amp up your home’s curb appeal in different ways. Particularly, they could enhance your home’s best features and highlight its picturesque view.    

To better achieve an eye-catching and remarkable house, knowing a thing or two about appropriate landscape lighting is a must for homeowners. To help you out, here are some lighting hacks you can consider for your home: 


1. Install Uplights

If you’re thinking about how to get started with landscape lighting, one of the easiest ways is to use uplights or uplighting techniques. This term refers to the process of installing fixtures under the areas you want to illuminate. For instance, you can put lighting fixtures under plants or flowers to light them up during nighttime. 

To better illuminate your home’s best features, you must come up with an ideal lighting design plan that’ll best suit your home design. You must avoid placing any lights on one of your windows to successfully achieve the right amount of light in your outdoor spaces. Instead, you may place them near the pillars, dormers, rock works, or other architectural features that you want to accentuate or highlight.      

Although this aspect might be a little bit tricky at first, especially for first-timers, there are ways you can do to accomplish it. You can seek help from professional landscape lighting services who can do the work for you.   


2. Add Outdoor Lighting Fixtures 

For a better sense of security and safety, you can add some lighting fixtures to your landscape. Aside from illuminating your outdoor spaces and adding dimension to your property, these lights could also be used as part of deterrent measures against crimes.  

Besides making your outdoor space look attractive and pleasing to the eyes, outdoor lighting fixtures could also help prevent risks of theft and falls, which usually happen in dark places. Making use of the available options, including stoned pathways, landscaping, and entryway, make for the perfectly lit exterior spaces with additional curb appeal. 

9 Landscape Lighting Ideas To Amp Up Your Curb Appeal 

3. Add Downlights 

In some cases, adding exterior lights might be too much in your landscaping. This might be because of improper placements of outdoor lights or unorganized exterior décor and pieces of furniture. However, such instances can be resolved if you’ll learn a thing or two about proper handling of landscape lighting.  

You can consider adding some downlights to your yard and garden. Aside from installing uplights, having downlights could provide balance to your landscape lighting. By installing some downlights, you have better chances of getting a natural-looking ambiance to your outdoor spaces and giving off a sophisticated vibe.  

The most eye-catching lighting effects can be achieved by putting outdoor downlights in architectural structures or trees. Through these, you can create an alluring cascade of soft lighting. This incredibly gentle light could help enhance your backyard’s features and garden and attract more visitors.        


4. Make Use Of Silhouette Landscaping 

Another helpful alternative you can consider includes making use of silhouette landscaping. If you’re thinking about the best way to enhance your home’s curb appeal and overall appearance, this option might be the best for you.  

Whether it’s topiary or statuary, using silhouette landscaping could help highlight your house’s remarkable architectural features and give off a soothing ambiance. If you don’t have a specific idea about how to do this, you can consider making your landscape lighting the focus of your yard. Even if you’re still in the process of renovating certain parts of your backyard, creating areas of light and shadow could significantly increase visual interest in your landscape.   

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5. Incorporate Proper Landscape Lighting  

Aside from installing uplights and downlights, another ideal alternative you can do to increase your home’s curb appeal is to incorporate proper landscape lighting into your outdoor spaces. It’s important to outline your lighting to your overall landscape design to obtain a more cohesive look, ensure functionality in your yard and highlight your home’s best features.  

To do that, you must first consider where to put your lights. For starters, you must determine whether to put lighting fixtures near bushes or plants that they could light up. Aside from that, you must put them in a place where they won’t be stepped on and won’t create any foot traffic to avoid damaging them.

Ideally, you must place your landscape lighting methodically to ensure that they’ll be highlighted and could provide proper illumination to your yard. At some point, you can consider placing fixtures near water features, succulents, or statues to perfectly silhouette specific landscaping spaces. It’s also best to utilize proper lighting arrangements to prevent any risk of accidents. 


6. Put Post Lights 

Aside from lighting fixtures and different types of landscape lighting schemes, adding some post lights around your house could amp up its overall appearance. For instance, you can add a pair of lamps at the end of your walkway near the gate to create a superb visual gateway.   

In terms of your energy consumption, worry not as there are cost-effective alternatives you can utilize. You can put LED lamp posts or LED lights along with pathways to better illuminate them at night. Unlike their cold, bluish light, LED lights can now give off a soft, warm glow to your space, which could best complement your outdoor lighting fixtures. 


7. Utilize Cross Lighting Techniques 

Cross lighting schemes are some of the most popular techniques one can use to achieve proper landscape lighting. Although it’s arguably one of the most complicated ones, there’s no denying the number of benefits one can get from it. 

It’s well established that there’s more shadow in well-lit places. Hence, it’s easier to cast a subtle silhouette to some objects in your backyard as you increase the lighting. In such aspects, cross-lighting certain objects with a couple more lights could help create the perfect outline for your backyard and garden. It could also give off an air of sophistication and simplicity to your landscape design, as more objects will be highlighted, and some will be used to complement each other. 

One of the many good things about cross lighting is that it allows homeowners to obtain a softer and calmer vibe with their landscape. Although it could be a bit challenging to accomplish cross-lighting techniques, you can always seek help from professional landscape lighting services. These people can efficiently get the lights positioned in the right places for cross lighting and get the work done in no time. 


8. Choose LED Lights 

As mentioned earlier, it’s best to choose LED lights for your outdoor landscape lighting as they’re more economical and environmental-friendly. In most cases, LED lights have become one of the most popular choices among lighting designers and professionals in landscape lighting due to their many benefits.  

To begin with, outdoor LED lights last longer. They could even last for at most 18,000 hours or 18 years. With proper care and a maintenance plan for your landscape lighting, you can achieve such lifespan for your lights. Besides that, LED lights lessen the need for replacements, as they’re highly durable. To better insulate your landscape lights, it’d be better to learn a thing or two about safe outdoor lighting to avoid any untoward incidences. 


9. Use Timers 

Landscape lighting is essential in keeping your property well-illuminated throughout the night. Aside from that, you can also light them up during the day, depending on your preferences. While there are alternatives you can use to lessen electric consumption, it might be a waste to leave your lights on, especially if they’re not needed. 

To better manage those situations, it’d be better if you’ll consider using timers in your lighting. By putting your lights on a timer, you have better chances of minimizing unnecessary electrical consumption and putting your lighting to good use. By having a timer, you can effectively boost your home security and safety and avoid coming up to a dark house.  

Apart from that, it’s also beneficial in making sure that your loved ones won’t have to worry about turning on the outdoor lights individually. By using this alternative, the lights will automatically light up at the set time and lessen any hassle on your part. Also, one of the many good things about having those timers is that it could help create an impression that someone’s always at home to deter robbers and invaders.  


Key Takeaway 

Increasing your home’s curb appeal isn’t easy. With many things to consider, the processes of landscape lighting could intimidate many people, especially first-timers. Fortunately, there are ways you can do to achieve the perfect lighting scheme for your home, including seeking help from professional landscape lighting services.  

If you’re looking for better ideas, you can consider the aforementioned considerations and tips above. Through them, enhancing your home’s best features could be much easier. 

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