Why Lighting is Important in Design

Why Lighting is Important in Design


It is always important when you take on a home renovation project that you get inspiration from the experts, no matter if that is online or through magazines. The reason for this is that it helps us not only find great ideas, but there are often some great pieces of advice which can help us all to avoid common mistakes and enhance to result of our projects. A perfect example of this is the lighting which we use in the rooms of the property, which is so much more important than many people recognize. In fact it could easily be argued that lighting is important in designing a home and here is exactly why.


1. Playing With The Space

 A well designed room is one which has been completed after taking the shape and the space into consideration. Many may not realize this but the way in which colors are brought into the room can give the illusion or larger or smaller spaces. This is especially true when we are dealing with light and shade. A brighter room can make small spaces feel bigger, and darker spots in a large room can add the feeling of coziness. Using large lighting, lamps and spotlights all aid in creating the feeling of space.


2. Standalone Design Feature

 It is not just the illumination which you should be focusing on when it comes to lighting options, as in many cases the light fittings can be design features on their own. If you look in any Australian lighting store you will see a wide variety of ornate lamps, classic chandeliers and trendy uplighters which on their own can really bring the style to the space. This again is something which many people don’t factor in when they are choosing the lighting for the home, yet something which can really make a bold statement.


3. Complimenting Design  

It is interesting to see how long people will spend picking tones and shades for the colors in the room, yet don’t add in the importance which lighting can have. Picking a darker shade of orange for example, can offer bold color through the day, and then a warmer feel as night falls, if it is illuminated well with lighting. Using lighting in this way adds a multi-functional purpose to your room’s design.

How to add lighting to your living room using wall lamps 

4. Creating Moods

And finally we have to mention the fact that it is the lighting, far more than the colors or themes which you use, that will help create a variety of moods in the space that you are designing. Throughout the day we require different environments from the spaces in the home, and the best way to create that is to use lighting as an evocative style option. A living room should be bright and breezy through the day and cozy on an evening, at least in most cases, and lighting will help you to deliver on all fronts.

This is why lighting shouldn’t be an afterthought, but rather one of the most important design features in your home.

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