7 of the Most Common Roofing Styles in 2022

7 of the Most Common Roofing Styles in 2022

Roofing is one of the most eye-catching and notable aspects of any building’s design. Especially when looking at homes, you tend to notice the style and look of a roof before any other central exterior element. For homeowners looking for a new home to purchase or thinking of getting a custom home built, determining your ideal roofing style is incredibly important. To help you down this exciting path, here are seven of the most commonly seen roofing styles in 2022: 

1. Gable Roof

Think back to the most traditional roof shape you can think of. When you look at the typical “house drawing,” you’re likely looking at a gable roof. These roofs are essentially built as a triangle that rests right on your home. However, the slope design and the length of the slope of gable roofs can differ dramatically from home to home. Finding the right shape and style of gable roof can allow you to use this classical roof style to your advantage. For example, if you’re buying a pre-1980s home, it likely has a gable roof on top of it. These roofs are also perfect for solar panel installation. 

2. Hip Roof

Traditional hip roofs use four slopes of equal length, which come together to form a simple ridge. While there are variations of the hip roof, such as half-hip roofs, most hip roofs stick closely to this build style. One of the unique aspects of the hip roof is that they tend to be fully visible and are usually on one-story homes. 

3. Shed Roof

While commonly seen in America, shed roofs are typically not on “homes” but on storage, commercial roofing projects, and industrial buildings. The single, leaning roof slab allows rapid water runoff and an industrial, sleek look. So if you’re looking to build a shed, storage home, or even a barn, a shed roof can be a fantastic option for the building’s style. 

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4. Clipped Gable Roof

Although it’s called a gable roof, the clipped roof style looks pretty different, so people are often confused by the gable name applied to it. However, the oddly surreal geometrical shapes that make up a clipped gable roof will wow modern home lovers. In addition, the odd form of the roof style has also made it widely known under the “bullnose” moniker. These roofs are designed by first taking the basic shape of a gable roof but then using elements of hip roofs to create a slightly bent-in peak. This process starts with small “hips” at the end of each roof’s edge. 

5. Mansard Roof

Originating in France, mansard roofs have a much more “European” look than other styles you commonly see in America. The tops house robust upper-floor rooms and attic spaces and often have windows fitted into them. Dormers are also typically added to homes that sport mansard-style roofs. The unique shape and look of mansard roofs have associated them with “high-class” homes. 

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6. Dutch Gable Roof

Another variation of the classic gable roof style, dutch gable roofs are less drastic of a departure from regular gable roofs than the clipped gable roof style is. Dutch gable roofs use elements of gable and hip roofs once again but use a more traditional hip roof break to create a space for attics, extra rooms, and more lighting. Many homes built after 1950 have a dutch gable style, and the add-on friendly nature of the roof has made it hyper-popular among modern homeowners (and homebuilders). 

7. Gambrel Roof 

Imagine the roof shape traditionally associated with a barn; you can visualize what most gambrel roofs look like. These charming, country-style tops are great for massive homes and allow for much more attic space than other roof styles tend to enable. Attic and loft rooms are commonly built into houses with gambrel-style roofs. Gambrel roofs look similar to a gable roof on top but then fall off into steep slopes on each side, helping to give the roof its unique flavor. Because the design is so dramatic, it is one of the less common housing roof styles on this list. 

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