House V in the Costa Brava by Magma Arquitectura

House V in the Costa Brava by Magma Arquitectura

Architects: Magma Arquitectura
Location: Costa Brava, Catalonia, Spain
Photos: Magma Arquitectura

The House in Roses is a building outlined with the power of a solitary family house, with a joint and individual origination which gives the uncommon solace of a little manor, and thusly meets the requesting multi-family lodging enactment models since it can be isolated into three autonomous homes.


The site, which is extremely steep, is similar to a watchtower over the Bay of Roses. The task is arranged as a substantial stone base, on which stands an expansive even stage. The porous cut of the staircase subdivides the stage into two free bodies. A portion of the stage gets the most open and extensive inside zones and the outside porch and pool that flies over the Mediterranean garden beneath.


The expansive outside porch is sidelong and runs the length of the general population range, so it gets the southern sun toward one side and catches the perspective of the skyline in the middle of the and the sky. A few yards developed of wood, which additionally control the sun and protection, finish the visual crystal of the home.

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