The Reserve Luxury Villas at Al Barari, Dubai

Location: Al Barari, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Photo courtesy: The Reserve

A haven of tranquillity where palatial villas nestle next to verdant trees, fluttering butterflies and crystalline brooks. Where shimmering rays and fronds draw endless patterns on manicured gardens. A 14.2 million sq. ft. secluded paradise with over 80% of its area exclusively set aside to nature, Al Barari is considered to be the lowest density urban area in the UAE.

Residents and visitors alike are struck by how The Reserve feels like it is a million miles away from it all. Yet, it is a mere 10 minutes away from downtown Dubai. Thus, The Reserve offers a serene counterpoint to the glitz and dynamism of the city. The passion is being lived by a discerning few. The dream is now a resplendent reality.

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