Loft Cube by Fabio Fantolino

Loft Cube by Fabio Fantolino

Location: Turin, Italy
Photo courtesy: Fabrizio Carraro

Project based on the concept of a transformable loft in a traditional apartment thanks to the “Daniela Scared” sliding panels in walnut, which can divide the individual rooms or, if left open, create a unique environment fully accessible with no doors or barriers.


The complete circumnavigation of the apartment around a central body, consisting of bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and laundry, allows panoramic views of the mountains and the Mole to be the main object of a scene made of glass and windows. The fully glazed living room is divided into three zones, zone sofa and dining area on the same level, while the TV area gets up to thirty inches on a wooden platform hosts a bookcase resting on the ground and through the use of cushions becomes a sofa to read books or watch TV in the underlying relaxation.


Steps in black American larch, stuck individually on the wall of the hall that leads to a loft consists of a second bedroom with cupboard with sliding doors in black sisal, and bathroom area.


The use of the resin in the floor stems from the desire to approach the concept of loft that makes all the objects resting on the floor neutral, predominant elements on the volume that contains them. Raised sleeping area by a collection of fifteen cm wall paneling always walnut by “Daniela Scared.”


Master bathroom with bath and sanitary area housed in a volume of natural oak and stone in which insinuates a shower of glass and resin. White lacquered kitchen through the hallway that connects to the dining table. All this surrounded by a beautiful terrace that surrounds the entire villa at 360 degrees.

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