Waikopua House by Daniel Marshall Architects

Waikopua House by Daniel Marshall Architects

Architects: Daniel Marshall Architects
Location: Waiheke Island, Auckland, New Zealand
Year: 2007
Photos: Simon Devitt

A stand of Nikau, a pure private sound and a building stage characterized by edges either side set the engineering system of the configuration of this family shoreline house on Waiheke Island, Auckland, New Zealand.


The idea advanced from a family gathering outdoors, making space between the useful hubs. This was especially vital in permitting space for the pontoons and water to travel through the valley to the straight underneath. This space was used to give physical partition to the visitor house and also a carport.


The materials and structure were been sympathetic to the scene and fauna. The house is intended to incorporate into the scene – the stone dividers were sourced locally, the windows are tinted to breaking point reflection and the timber upper level recolored dull to mix into the shrub behind. It has been said that the shade of the New Zealand local shrubbery is dark.


It was essential to enact the spaces around the house giving a movement to appreciate. From the grass sitting above the splashing up the morning light, to the private patio, encircled by the Nikau forest, getting the last beams at night whilst appreciating the open air fire.

Waikopua-07 Waikopua-08 Waikopua-09 Waikopua-10 Waikopua-11 Waikopua-13 Waikopua-14 Waikopua-15 Waikopua-16 Waikopua-17-1 Waikopua-17-2 Waikopua-17-3 Waikopua-17 Waikopua-18 Waikopua-31 Waikopua-32

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