Rooftop Penthouse In Belo Horizonte by Celeno Ivanovo

Rooftop Penthouse In Belo Horizonte by Celeno Ivanovo

Architects: Celeno Ivanovo
Location: Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Daniel Mansur

The 25-year-old top-house style penthouse was totally revamped and repaired with a specific end goal to address the issues of the new occupant, who required adequate space to particularly accumulate his family and at times his companions.


The principal floor, which was beforehand totally isolated into a few rooms, has every one of its dividers evacuated to make an one of a kind living space for family and companions.


There was a powder room that isolated the kitchen from the living, making it inconceivable for such space to be incorporated. This force room was uprooted 9 meters (29.5 feet) from one end to the next corner to corner inverse, with a specific end goal to take into consideration the decimation of the kitchen divider.


The patio experiences North insolation, which is the sunniest structure in the Southern half of the globe, and absence of vegetation and shaded region. Consequently, it was verging on difficult to utilize it amid the day, throughout the entire year. Prior to the redesign, housetop temperatures effectively came to 30, 35°C (85, 95°F) . The swimming pool was additionally kept up so that the volume of water adjusts the temperature .


A gallery, a typical element in Brazilian pioneer houses, was then made. That makes for a ventilated shaded territory, consequently adding to the diminishment in temperature.


This gallery before the family room and kitchen has three unmistakable zones: living, unwind with a loft and a space for dinners. Thusly, the patio turned out better delighted in, and there was a huge change and a lessening in temperature of the property all in all, close by with the thick vegetation that was planted in pots, with species that bear the sun and solid winds.


The tearing down of the dividers additionally took into account cross ventilation inside the level, which has stable temperatures almost consistently, at around 23°C (73°F). That is because of these two variables: the gallery and the cross ventilation, which exempts the utilization of aerating and cooling and decreases vitality costs.


The whole first floor of the top-house is as of now incorporated amongst the 3 indoor spaces as well as with the overhang, given that the kitchen and the lounge room are straightforwardly associated with the gallery through extensive glass entryways, and from that point on to the patio .


The first hardwood floors in Ipê (araguaney tree), Brazilian honest to goodness wood whose cut is as of now restricted, were kept up and renewed, and the kitchen was totally revamped in dynamic hues. A few bits of furniture were restored, for example, the straw seat, made of a material which was initially utilized on boat decks, and that, because of its tendency, gives fantastic warm solace; and the seats of the feasting table, unique from the fifties, by a prestigious Brazilian shape that period named George Zalszupin.


The eating table is made of bamboo, a renewable material second to none, by architect Paulo Roberto Ceschin, and was enlivened by the 14Bis plane, made by Santos Dumont, who was Brazilian and one of the first men to ever fly in the mid twentieth century. It’s light to the point that, without the glass, one can raise it with the fingertips of one sole hand.


Brazilian outline was favored for furniture, and in addition nearby specialists from Belo Horizonte, whose work is shown in the staircase divider. The floor covering, made of regular strands, has insights of silk, cloth and hemp, and was made by an artisan from the Brazilian condition of Minas Gerais. The mirror permits a dream of the porch and TV, notwithstanding when one has their back to these zones.


What’s more, as a touch of appeal and Brazilian pride, a little pad whose example is the banner of Brazil.

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