The Dior SS 2014 Fashion Show at Musée Rodin

The Dior SS 2014 Fashion Show at Musée Rodin

Location: Musée Rodin, Paris, France

Creative director and producer: Alexandre de Betak, founder of Bureau Betak

Year: 2014

Photos: Bureau Betak


The exterior skin of the structure is clad in a neon, orange reflective façade — an abrupt juxtaposition to the serene, manicured landscape that surrounds it. welcoming visitors through gold-tinted doors, the edifice at once presents an unlikely scheme to its encompassing landscape and its interior program; a carved, cocoon-like refuge using but one color — white — contains the intimate high-fashion catwalk.


subtly sculpted curves have been hand made by artisans, who have dug each sensual contour into slender columns, ts, a runway and walls. complex forms and geometry comprise the entire arrangement, as layers upon layers of sleek silhouettes equate to stacked ting systems, and narrow beams rise to the ceiling pierced by skylights reminiscent of organic forms. 


The entryway, where models enter the catwalk. 
Forms reminiscent of antoni gaudí-style architecture envelop views at the show.


Sensual curves and stacked silhouettes surround the space.


The vast white expanse housed the christian dior show.


Seating units have been carved by hand.


Beams connect to the ceiling, where sunlight allows natural light into the space.

Description taken from Designboom

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