The Lily Street House by ODR Architects and Life Space Journey

The Lily Street House by ODR Architects and Life Space Journey

Architects: ODR Architects and Life Space Journey
Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Area: 1,400 sqft
Photo courtesy: Derek Swalwell

The customer requested an engineering box in an intriguing site in the western rural areas of Melbourne; on the other hand, ODR Architects concocted a reaction that shows thought for setting, history, atmosphere, materials, urbanism and system.


The proposition for the new house grasped the materiality and the fabric of the laneway. We took a gander at Footscray in a more extensive setting, and proposed a raised reused layered dispatching compartment with zero difficulties, reminiscent of the docks that have such an in number vicinity in the region.


In any case, the customer and gathering had reservations about the layered iron, with the chamber requesting that the planners disregard the sheds, mishaps and wall of the quick encompasses and asking for a rooftop. This did not meet the brief from the customers; and we along these lines expected to rethink the configuration.


In the completed outline, the house outside plays Judas on the connection. There are no undeniable windows, no verbalization, no observation, only an outside article in a laneway. Inside, the yard shapes the centerpiece. The inside spaces spin around this space, which warms and cools the space and in addition giving partition in arrangement. It additionally binds together capacity. The occupants flow around it, cook in it, inhale through it; opening the entryways changes the earth inside. It additionally serves as an indication of the surroundings – the two conditions compare one another, offering approval to both. We have likewise permitted the ourside world to draw in through straightforwardness and obscured snippets of living.

Lily-Street-House-05 Lily-Street-House-06-1 Lily-Street-House-06 Lily-Street-House-07 Lily-Street-House-09 Lily-Street-House-10 Lily-Street-House-11 Lily-Street-House-12 Lily-Street-House-13 Lily-Street-House-14 Lily-Street-House-15 Lily-Street-House-21 Lily-Street-House-22 Lily-Street-House-23

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