Casa d’Agua by Isay Weinfeld

Casa d’Agua by Isay Weinfeld

Architects: Isay Weinfeld
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Year: 2003
Photo courtesy: Alvaro Povoa

From the road entryway, a restricted pool keeps running close by the house, for the entire length of the area: in the first half, vast rock stones moored to the base piece skip over the water surface framing a pathway to the focal yard; further, it turns into a swimming path that extends to the back mass of the plot.


The state of the plot, long and contract, drove us to make a focal porch isolating the building in two squares, in order to take into consideration a decent insolation in all rooms: they all face either north, east or west. Outside, thick characteristic twine ropes make up a window ornament that shadows the yard and channels the daylight.


More than 4 levels, all spaces are masterminded concurring, principally, to their capacities: carport and mechanical rooms are set on the storm cellar floor; feasting and parlors, kitchen and clothing zones, on the ground floor; a private living room and rooms, on the first floor; lastly, on the top floor, a little office and a porch.


It was the customers’ wish that the house would not look, nor feel, “new” to them. So we recommended that it assembled with a few components taken from their ranch, and they concurred. Hence, for case, crude stones were acquired to cover the outer dividers; and old wood pieces to floor the rooms. They are all reference to the family’s living, history and exceptional connection with nature.

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