Tropical Caribbean T House by Studio Arquitectos

Tropical Caribbean T House by Studio Arquitectos

Architects: Studio Arquitectos
Location: Tulum, Mexico
Year: 2015
Area: 2,820 ft²/ 262 m²
Photo courtesy: Loris Guzzetta,  Pablo García Figueroa

T House is a private habitation made out of three vacational studios in the city of Tulum, Quintana Roo. The customer, a New York style creator, wanted a space incorporated in a Caribbean heaven with numerous surfaces, shading accentuation and adjustment to the tropical structure. The outline procedure is customized to the customer; if the customer transformed into architectonical components, T House would be his spatial vicinity. The point was a sythesis of volumes and shapes, rhythms and surfaces, getting the observer off guard a few corners. Basic and complex in the meantime, in a tropical situation yet exquisite.


The joining together of materials was an arrangement situated in a contemplative of the customer, filling in also the insides alongside him. The procedure of personalization achieved such a degree, to the point that if volumes are investigated from a flying perspective, they frame a “T”. There are a few shades close to the swimming pool that make a “T”. The specialties left by the restroom extras in the showers are openings with a “T” structure. The idea “originating from a city (New York) to the Tropical Caribbean (Tulum)” is composed on the materials of cleaned concrete encompassed by steady vegetation with a longitudinal swimming pool. A critical commitment to the characteristic joining was the demonstration of regarding whatever number existent trees as could be expected under the circumstances, such a variety of that one of them turned into a figure between the shower and the bed in “The Wind” studio and a few others were consolidated to the patios.


“The Earth” studio: situated in the ground floor with perspectives to the passage garden and the swimming pool. Social range and room isolated. Kitchenette-lounge area (“Darth Vader”), family room, clothing storage room, room and washroom in a common space. The room incorporates a cleaned concrete bit of furniture which frames both the quaint little inn storage room, and in addition a private vanity to the restroom.


“The Wind” studio: situated in the ground floor with perspectives to the back greenhouse and the swimming pool. Social territory and room associated. Kitchenette-lounge areas, a dark cleaned bond bit of furniture which shapes both quaint little inn room, restroom and changing area.


“The Fire” studio: situated in the upper floor with perspectives to the back greenery enclosure, the private porch and the social patio. Social are and room associated. Kitchenette-lounge area, a dark cleaned solid bit of furniture which frames both quaint little inn rooms, lavatory and changing area.

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