510 Cabin by Hunter Leggitt Studio

510 Cabin by Hunter Leggitt Studio

Location: Wofford Heights, California, USA
Year: 2012
Area: 1,090 sqft
Photo courtesy: Hunter Leggitt Studio

Hunter Leggitt Studio spent 12 months designing and building this custom cabin near Lake Isabella, CA. Bringing on seven architectural student apprentices to help build, this project has been a new experiment for the studio in combining a unique, turn key project with an intensive, educational apprenticeship program.


The cabin consists of only 1,090 SF, but is rich in warm materiality and craftsmanship. Used as a relaxing retreat, the cabin’s open, interior/ exterior spaces celebrate the beautiful high desert setting.

510-Cabin-02 510-Cabin-03 510-Cabin-04 510-Cabin-05 510-Cabin-06 510-Cabin-07 510-Cabin-08 510-Cabin-09 510-Cabin-10 510-Cabin-11 510-Cabin-12 510-Cabin-13 510-Cabin-14 510-Cabin-15 510-Cabin-16 510-Cabin-17 510-Cabin-18 510-Cabin-19

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