The Water Pavilion by Martin Ferrero Architecture

The Water Pavilion by Martin Ferrero Architecture

Location: Xálima Island
Year: 2016
Photo courtesy: Martin Ferrero Architecture

”Xálima is the goddess of the waters.

She created an ocean with her tears, from the top of a lost and distant Hill, because her love was not with her.”

The Water Pavilion conforms the entrance area of Villa Isabela.



A Project currently under development,and part of the different Architectures of the island.

The water, that wells from the mountain, flows through different spaces, that hosts the most public part of the uses program of the villa.

Isabela House, is actually a work in progress that we expect to present in 2016.

The Water Pavilion, as a preview of the final project of the villa, pretend to show the new spaces developed on the island.

The-Water-Pavilion-02 The-Water-Pavilion-03 The-Water-Pavilion-04 The-Water-Pavilion-05 The-Water-Pavilion-06 The-Water-Pavilion-07 The-Water-Pavilion-08 The-Water-Pavilion-09 The-Water-Pavilion-10 The-Water-Pavilion-11 The-Water-Pavilion-12 The-Water-Pavilion-13 The-Water-Pavilion-14 The-Water-Pavilion-15 The-Water-Pavilion-16 The-Water-Pavilion-17 The-Water-Pavilion-18 The-Water-Pavilion-19 The-Water-Pavilion-20 The-Water-Pavilion-21 The-Water-Pavilion-22 The-Water-Pavilion-23 The-Water-Pavilion-24 The-Water-Pavilion-25 The-Water-Pavilion-26 The-Water-Pavilion-27 The-Water-Pavilion-28 The-Water-Pavilion-29 The-Water-Pavilion-30 The-Water-Pavilion-31 The-Water-Pavilion-32 The-Water-Pavilion-33 The-Water-Pavilion-34 The-Water-Pavilion-35 The-Water-Pavilion-36 The-Water-Pavilion-37 The-Water-Pavilion-38 The-Water-Pavilion-39 The-Water-Pavilion-40

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