Citriodora House by Seeley Architects

Citriodora House by Seeley Architects

Architects: Seeley Architects
Location: Anglesea, Victoria, Australia
Photo courtesy: Zoe Economides, John Walker, and David Seeley

Citriodora is an occasion retreat set amongst a stand of wonderful Lemon scented gums, close to Australia’s really popular Great Ocean Road in Anglesea, Victoria. It is one of various propelled shoreline houses that Seeley Architects have outlined in the course of the last 10 or thereabouts years in this little seaside occasion village. The name “Citriodora” is gotten from the organic name of the excellent trees that overwhelm the northern corner of the property.


Roused by the influences of the beach front winds, the type of the rooftop delicately rolls, copying the state of the wind pruned waterfront vegetation. There is both straightforwardness and many-sided quality in this building with substantial negative spaces offering perspectives to the sky, secured screens demonstrating visual protection to the neighbors and two huge solid dividers shaping an ancient spine through the center. A warm warmth douse for the inside that intercedes the diurnal temperature varieties inside of the house.


This lovely abiding has been intended to expand the open doors offered by the site, with a character that regards its territory and environment. The design of the house is revolved around a raised east-bound living stage catching waterfront perspectives and associations into the treetops. It is reminiscent of a grown-up’s tree house. The way to deal with this house is a tender ascent delicately from the road. It is sited in the lee of a little slope and settled nearly between two neighboring houses.


After going into the house, you are welcomed by enormous in-situ solid dividers that shape the staircase spine and overwhelm the section space. This floor is the young person’s zone with a swathe of bunks, a TV niche and a pool table for the compulsory occasion rivalries.


Rising upward into the kitchen – living zone, one’s eye is taken by the amazing perspectives along the beach front bluffs and Southern sea. Isolated from the living zone by an ensured patio deck and a liberal inside void, lays the main room, study, lavatory and a visitor room. The roof that compasses liberal over the whole upper level is tenderly framed from plywood and is reminiscent of the structure of an upturned yacht.


Wrapping around the outside of the house is economical developed timber loads up, altered with oceanic bronze nails, opposing the cruel waterfront conditions and step by step weathering to a delicate driftwood dim, a reference to the Citriodora tree’s rind.


This exquisitely basic house utilizes a negligible palette with a tasteful pared back to the essentials. It will bit by bit add to a patina after some time, further mixing with the dark green of the site vegetation and giving a positive reaction to its great loci.

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