Berkshire Mountain House by Tsao & McKown Architects

Berkshire Mountain House by Tsao & McKown Architects

Architects: Tsao & McKown Architects
Location: Alford, Massachusetts, USA
Year: 2016
Area: 7.000 ft²/ 650 m²
Photo courtesy: Eric Laignel

“Nestled into the tree line at the top of a gentle rise, the house folds and unfolds to take advantage of sweeping panoramic views, and wraps upon itself to form an intimate courtyard against the forest’s edge.


The building is conceived as movement through a Fibonacci spiral. The resulting plan allows a graceful progression through the rooms, spiralling up to the highest point, a cozy aerie. The architecture considers the qualities of the light and views throughout the day and seasons, and offers optimal arrangements for different experiences, from breakfast, to midday recreation, to star-gazing from bed.


The architectural vocabulary and the materials, such as granite from a nearby quarry, were inspired by traditional farm houses and utilitarian buildings of western Massachusetts. Selected in a complementary palette, the varied materials play with textures and hues, and will take on greater character as they age in an evolving dialogue with the natural landscape.”

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