A predominantly single-floor residence planted in “L” shape on flat ground

Architects: vasco lopes arquitetura
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Year: 2017
Area: 6.146 ft²/ 571 m²
Photo courtesy: Vasco Lopes

“Predominantly single-floor residence planted in “L” shape on flat ground. The garden and swimming pool are the center of the house, since the bedroom and the living room open totally to them. The kitchen is integrated into the dining room and separated from the living room by a fireplace inlaid on the wall lined with gray stone. The high ceiling living room integrates with the balcony with a metal slatted wood pergola, the sliding doors collect entirely within the side wall of the bedrooms. The dormitory block has a shutter across all the facade facing the garden. The finishing materials are basics like textured putty, wooden frames and wooden floors. The outside floors are fulget in light yellow and green stone used on the pool. The upper floor has only two suites integrated into the dormitory block by an internal staircase.”

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