Patane Residence by Bureau^Proberts

Patane Residence by Bureau^Proberts

Architects: Bureau^Proberts
Location: Newmarket, Brisbane, Australia
Photo courtesy: Jon Linkins

The house was intended for an affectionate, youthful family and involves the peak of a slope confronting south towards perspectives of the Brisbane city horizon and Mount Coot-tha. A progression of joined structures roosted on strong solid stages support investigation and communication whilst depicting a feeling of permanency and shelter. The solid development upgrades a vibe of intransience the customer coveted, while timber components re-translate the craftsmanship of Queensland home development, reacting to the rural connection of Newmarket’s nineteenth and twentieth century abodes.


The house is proposed to invoke summer recollections of time spend in the cool, shaded spaces found under the homes of our youth. Guests are invited onto the center level of the home. This straightforward stage energizes family movement through association between living space, play space and the road. Private spaces of the house are isolated between the cellar and upper level.

Patane-Residence-00-2 Patane-Residence-00 Patane-Residence-01 Patane-Residence-03 Patane-Residence-04-1 Patane-Residence-04-2 Patane-Residence-05-1 Patane-Residence-05-2 Patane-Residence-05 Patane-Residence-07 Patane-Residence-08-1 Patane-Residence-08 Patane-Residence-09 Patane-Residence-10 Patane-Residence-11 Patane-Residence-13 Patane-Residence-20 Patane-Residence-21 Patane-Residence-22 Patane-Residence-23

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