Modern Serrano Apartments by A-cero

Modern Serrano Apartments by A-cero

Location: Madrid, Spain
Year: 2010
Area: 2,000 sqft
Photo courtesy: Luis H. Segovia

Luxury, comfort, design and quality have been joined in eight new flats just in the centre of Madrid. They are new reformed luxurious apartments designed by A-cero. They are in an old four storey building. Such are these apartments’ conditions, property of the Group VP Hotels, that all have been rented before being completely equipped.


In each level are two houses with surfaces bigger than 185m2. Penthouses are the biggest houses of the building and they are two storey flats.


Each house has a different distribution but everyone has the following rooms: four or more bedrooms with its bathrooms, kitchen, lounge – dining room, utilities area and a toilette. The biggest apartments have a servant’s quarter.


Flats have so much luminosity obtained principally through big large windows and skylights in lounges, dining rooms and halls.  Furthermore, white walls and roofs increase clarity, cleanliness and warmth sensations in the interior.


All flats have ample spaces and a functional distribution based on diaphanous rooms, double height roofs and a practical and effective distribution.Floors are made of different materials: travertine marble, wood and porcelánico dark gray (in kitchens and bathrooms)


The furniture (designed by A-cero) is grey, black or white and has clean and modern lines. In bedrooms, furniture is made of organic shapes that cover corners with sinuous curves. Bathrooms and kitchens are totally equipped. They have been designed looking for the maximum functionality in order to answering appropriately to the needs that demand these home areas demand everyday.


Decoration has been resolved with neutral colours combined with some red or yellow (pictures, sculptures). In that way the house has the main role because they are a great opportunity for living in a new apartment in the best area of Madrid.

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