1 story Shulman Contemporary Home and Studio by Lorcan O’Herlihy Architects

1 story Shulman Contemporary Home and Studio by Lorcan O’Herlihy Architects

Architects: Lorcan O’Herlihy Architects
Location: Los Angeles, California, USA
Year: 2015
Area: 4,000 ft²/ 372 m²
Photo courtesy: Iwan Baan

LOHA’s renovation and modernization applies contemporary measures of execution and outline to a noteworthy building, improving its proceeded with life as an uncommon family habitation.


The Julius Shulman Home and Studio was initially appointed by picture taker Julius Shulman, outlined by Raphael Soriano, and finished in 1950. It is one of twelve staying assembled Soriano ventures, the main with an unaltered steel outline, and a City of Los Angeles Historic–Cultural Monument. LOHA was locked in to not just restore the huge home, but rather to redesign the space with the goal that it could meet the particular needs of a youthful gang.


For this task, LOHA embraced broad exploration into the materiality and outline goals of the first structure, and in addition different structures from the period. As an eminent milestone, the Shulman Home was restored under strict safeguarding rules managed by the Los Angeles Office of Historical Resources. Because of the home’s status as a habitation and not an exhibition hall, LOHA was conceded more adaptability in overhauling the living arrangement with vital contemporary components and critical conveniences. LOHA’s touchy and light approach drew out the immortal way of the Soriano’s rich configuration.


LOHA coordinated the first materials when conceivable and restored the key border and profile of the structure. Key experiential snippets of the home, for example, an all-plug passage grouping, were likewise safeguarded. This recorded admiration, working together with a methodology that drew in the property as a dynamic domain and not a valuable antique, drove LOHA’s upgrade of the more useful spaces and made open doors for new planned intercessions.


With regards to the indoor-open air California way of life, prevalently advanced in Julius Shulman’s photos, the first arrangement of sequenced glass sheets was restored and afterward combined with a parallel arrangement of customizable screening cloak. The transitional spaces made through these screened-in yards were a key part of the Shulman family’s happiness regarding the home, and an essential component of the engineering legacy, which the new proprietors keep on respecting.


Motivated by the prevalence of existing inherent stockpiling and furniture, LOHA presented custom cabinetry and woodwork, including an incorporated racking framework and cantilevered seat. By reinterpreting this Modernist highlight, LOHA could unobtrusively embed littler, vitality effective HVAC frameworks into the cabinetry, making practical atmosphere zones that disposed of the requirement for a brought together cooling framework that would have interfered with the home’s level rooftop line.

1-story-Shulman-Contemporary-Home-and-Studio-by-Lorcan-O-Herlihy-Architects-06 1-story-Shulman-Contemporary-Home-and-Studio-by-Lorcan-O-Herlihy-Architects-07 1-story-Shulman-Contemporary-Home-and-Studio-by-Lorcan-O-Herlihy-Architects-08 1-story-Shulman-Contemporary-Home-and-Studio-by-Lorcan-O-Herlihy-Architects-09 1-story-Shulman-Contemporary-Home-and-Studio-by-Lorcan-O-Herlihy-Architects-10 1-story-Shulman-Contemporary-Home-and-Studio-by-Lorcan-O-Herlihy-Architects-11 1-story-Shulman-Contemporary-Home-and-Studio-by-Lorcan-O-Herlihy-Architects-12 1-story-Shulman-Contemporary-Home-and-Studio-by-Lorcan-O-Herlihy-Architects-13

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