Sea Shell Residence interior by Lanciano Design

Sea Shell Residence interior by Lanciano Design

Architects: Lanciano Design
Area: 7,500 sqft / 697 sqm
Location: Mediterranean coast of Israel
Photo courtesy: Elad Sarig

Outlining the house’s inside was brought forth by Angela Lanciano and Cher Sela as a “High fashion” undertaking in view of social affair all data all through from the earliest starting point of the venture, Details and precisely ascertained ahead of time, keeping in mind the end goal to stay away from startling astonishments. This is our primary reasoning.


“Openness” is the fundamental idea that drove us in this task, consolidating casual surrounding but then sheer class. We pick a palette of hues that rehashes the outside’s shades into the house.


The whimsical format of the kitchen & the feasting zone went to our considerations when outlining this space, thinking how amicable it will be to appreciate engrossing family & visitors, having the capacity to have and to be available in the meantime.


The ground floor wrapped in huge openings keeping up a dialog with the outside. Getting the open space feeling. We have “obsession” for bathrooms, there for, our point is to give the bathrooms zone a complete considering “out of the case”, arranging distinctive & unique plans.


The lighting in the house planned by “Lanciano-Design” has numerous situations, for embellishments to have the capacity to change totally the encompassing in the house. The outcome: a reasonable and exact space in view of an open stream and is portrayed by clean lines, rich yet sensitive materials and tasteful unique arrangements.

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