Place Where Belief Is / Safe and Happy designed by Wei Yi International Design Associates

Place Where Belief Is / Safe and Happy designed by Wei Yi International Design Associates

Architects: Wei Yi International Design Associates
Location: Taipei, Taiwan
Year: 2016
Area: 1.722 ft²/ 160 m²
Photo courtesy: Wei Yi International Design Associates

“This is a 30-year-old apartment, the original compartment was the light barrier. The long narrow area splint into different spaces makes people feel uncomfortable.


On the first time the designer scouting site, he found that its Japanese-style room and master room have the best view, so the designer changed the Japanese-style room into balcony.


Besides, the master room was changed to an opened-study-room. Other than that, the designer removed extra compartment to let the sunlight came in directly. Considering the owner as a devout religious belief, who needs spaces to make regular discussions in group, designer arranged a functional living room. The sofa group which occupy space replace by independent sofas.


The opened-study-room is another place which can do meetings. The words printed on the wall at the entrance pretend the attitude of the owner to his religious. Contrast between warmth wooden floor and cold concrete infuse calm into the atmosphere. Designer didn’t care about the cost of the materials, but considering the needs and build a lovely house to the owner.


Using same material in different ways makes different feelings, When you attentively taste the air of the atmosphere, the rich textures resound in your mind.”

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