Chic Modern C House by Archipelago Design Works

Chic Modern C House by Archipelago Design Works

Architects: Archipelago Design Works
Location: Batangas, Philippines
Year: 2007
Photo courtesy: Tom Epperson

This undertaking is Archipelago’s first fabricated work of building design. The customer’s brief was to make an advanced, peaceful and sumptuous desert garden to withdraw from the city. An unassuming streetfront develops and ventures into an enormous inside. After entering, a passageway definitely outlines a perspective of a close-by island. A stair volume runs persistently starting from the street into the water. Living spaces are dealt with as one extensive room which leads out to a veranda, deck and pool, all with staggering perspectives of Nasugbu Bay and the South China Sea.

Chic-Modern-C-House-in-Batangas-01 Chic-Modern-C-House-in-Batangas-02 Chic-Modern-C-House-in-Batangas-03 Chic-Modern-C-House-in-Batangas-04 Chic-Modern-C-House-in-Batangas-05 Chic-Modern-C-House-in-Batangas-06 Chic-Modern-C-House-in-Batangas-07 Chic-Modern-C-House-in-Batangas-08 Chic-Modern-C-House-in-Batangas-09 Chic-Modern-C-House-in-Batangas-10

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