Orchard Way by McLeod Bovell Modern Houses

Orchard Way by McLeod Bovell Modern Houses

Architects: McLeod Bovell Modern Houses
Location: Vancouver, Canada
Year: 2011
Area: 7,300 sqft
Photo courtesy: McLeod Bovell Modern Houses

A cross-pitched site alignment allows the house to pivot on the landscape, connecting to grade on all levels and maximizing relationships to the outside. A deep foreground, high placement, and expansive, protected views west and south create a rare opportunity for open interiors and broad ocean views that still offer a sense of privacy in a house that operates “in-the-round”.

Orchard-Way-01 Orchard-Way-02 Orchard-Way-03 Orchard-Way-04 Orchard-Way-05 Orchard-Way-06 Orchard-Way-07 Orchard-Way-08 Orchard-Way-09 Orchard-Way-10 Orchard-Way-11 Orchard-Way-12 Orchard-Way-13 Orchard-Way-14

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