Riva Loft Florence by Claudio Nardi Architects

Riva Loft Florence by Claudio Nardi Architects

Architects: Claudio Nardi
Location: Florence, Italy
Area: 8,600 sqft
Price: €210 to €550 per night
Photo courtesy: Claudio Nardi Architects

Somewhere between being at home and somewhere between being endlessly, these lofts are testimonials and members in contemporary living yet likewise travel encounters through time and space. The soul of sharing is another legacy from the past, connected to the way of life of working, some portion of the memorable livelihood of spots like this.


In this way the nine insides, all particularly one of a kind in size, shape and course of action, brag a very much characterized and unmistakable character. They likewise offer a progression of diverse impression of the earth on account of the likelihood of picking between a suite with a private porch, a suite specifically ignoring the greenery enclosure, or offering all encompassing perspectives either over the Cascine Park or towards Brunelleschi’s Cupola, the most traditional symbol in Florence.


Aside from the private suites, visitors can likewise make utilization of an open living room with stone dividers, cross vaults, shelves and huge chimney, which is intended to proceed with mixing encounters, tastes, rationalities and ways of life. The expansive picture window ignores the private patio nursery and the fabulous pool lined in white sandstone.

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