How Manhattan-Inspired Homes Are Taking Over Australia

How Manhattan-Inspired Homes Are Taking Over Australia

New York-style interiors are popular world-over, but there’s one country in particular that has taken a big shine to upper east side décor. Australians love their trendy apartments and have lately begun assimilating NYC decorating influences into their homes.

We investigate how you can infuse city cool into your own apartment and what to look for when you are house-hunting; and why this form of interior design has created such a buzz down under.



Manhattan is the birthplace of loft living: the city is so built up that people began expanding their loft areas to become extra rooms, and the rest is history. Look for lots of exposed brick, bare flooring and wood beams.

In Australia, keeping walls and floors bare is hugely beneficial due to the extreme temperatures that can arise. Having bare flooring throughout your property won’t absorb heat, which helps to maintain cool airflow and ventilation.


Textured Fabrics

New Yorkers love textured, colourful fabrics to bring extra depth to minimalist apartments decorated in neutral muted tones. Whether this is upholstered furniture or material attached to walls – a modern style choice, plus great insulation of heat when living with exposed brick, and muffles noise in a busy apartment block – be sure to infuse texture into your home.

Colourful upholstery is already a well-known Australian love affair, but if you’re not in on this trend and want to urbanise, this is an area in which you can easily start. Look for bright cushions, rugs, armchairs, seat covers and table cloths.



A lot of loft conversions and studio apartments in New York are open-plan by nature and necessity. Luckily, this is a chic and sought-after interior design scheme that people actually pay to convert their homes into; knocking through walls to achieve this desired floorplan.

Make the most of your open-plan living space with dividers; creating ‘zones’ with furniture like chests, sofas and rugs to denote different areas; and by enjoying the light and free-flowing air that comes with open rooms. Open-plans are already commonplace in Australia due to airflow and temperature considerations when building.


Antique Décor

Those who occupy Manhattan love to thrift and vintage shop. Because people are constantly filtering in and out, swayed by the promises of breaking New York then swiftly being spat out by the city, used furniture in good condition is always changing hands.

Get your hands on bargains at antique fairs, vintage stalls and marketplaces – this is the best and cheapest way to find unique treasures all over the world rather than spending top dollar on brand new, badly-made furniture. Investing in older furniture that was built to last will pay you back in the long run and will mean your home is truly one of a kind.


Large Windows

In New York, large windows are a common construction, to let in the most possible natural light to small apartments. They also provide grand panoramic views across the infamous city skyline.

The same premise of big windows, great views is the same in Australia, except that high-rise apartment blocks are much less common. Still, large windows are just as popular there to quell homes of the heat of the summer and to let residents enjoy beautiful oceanside views.


Why Aussies Love the Manhattan Look

The Manhattan style of decoration is relaxed, DIY and founded on recycle and hand-me-down concepts; quite a contrast to the bustle and commotion of NYC. While this laid-back style might be seen as a juxtaposition to life in New York, it fits Australian culture perfectly. Australians love their own space, lots of fresh air and cosy casual decorating – it makes perfect sense to adopt chilled Manhattan-inspired vibes into Aussie interiors.

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