A place with many rocks aka A’tolan House by Create + Think Design Studio

A place with many rocks aka A’tolan House by Create + Think Design Studio

Architects: Create + Think Design Studio
Location: Taiwan
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Create + Think Design Studio

A’tolan is the word signifying, “a spot with numerous stones”, from the indigenous dialect of the locals on the east shoreline of Taiwan. It might likewise be deciphered as “heaping of rocks”, “building divider with rocks”, or “a house made out of rocks.”


The site is situated on the eastern seaboard of Taiwan, nearby the Pacific Ocean. The establishment is of a slender rectangular state of around 90 meters long and 30 meters in width, sitting on the north-south pivot. Taking after the coastline, at roughly 60 meters down the pivot from the north, the structure turns 130 degrees east. The descending incline from west to east is changed and spoke to in three levels.


The embodiment of this task is the utilization of the customary local design procedure of A’tolan. The stones uncovered from the site are then used to assemble the east-west dividers traversing more than three levels such as rice patty patios.


With an unassuming stance before the glorious ocean, the structure stretches out with a relative low profile along the form of the coastline, taking after its curve as though opening itself to the ocean at a point of 130. The steel edge is cladded with the local rocks and the living rooftop with different herbs serves as walkway on a level. Using the characteristic foundation to conceal the carefully assembled components, the wide stone stairway dives from the level to the outdoors hall of the building.


Encompassed by the tranquil excellence of the compelling force of nature, we have picked a minimum intrusive configuration that fulfills the fundamental safe house and sustenance planning needs. Thus, the inside comprises just of cooking ranges and resting quarters. The spaces are characterized by accordion glass entryways, permitting light and air to stream unreservedly all through. One can be awed at the same time by the monstrousness of the sea or the stoicism of the stone divider. A couple of regions harmoniously improve the libertarian capacity of the inside, for example, the sky facing window secured shower and the open air bathtub simply outside the dozing zones, the in the open air feasting zone with the long table to the side of the lobby, and the multi-reason range before the structure that can be a yoga stage or a star-looking theater.


Through a painstakingly built beneficial interaction with the encompassing nature, the negligible foot shaped impression structure contains inside of itself perpetual possibilites. Tree house, garden, Formosa mountain bear, and an endlessness pool with an opening of a point of 130 to grasp the ocean.

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