Martha Residence, a four bedroom beach-side family retreat by Ola Studio

Martha Residence, a four bedroom beach-side family retreat by Ola Studio

Architects: Ola Studio
Location: Mount Martha, Victoria, Australia
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Manos Mavridis

Martha is four room shoreline side family withdraw roosted on a precarious in a tranquil pocket of the Mornington Peninsular area. The abode is vigorous, and intended to withstand the difficulties that exist in seaside situations, however is counterbalanced by the declaration of finely considered detail and extent to bring out a feeling of softness and warmth.


Giving insurance from the great climate states of its ocean side area, windows are disguised behind operable timber shades and screens to guarantee the spaces are usable year-round. Whenever open, the shades might likewise be controlled to make surrounded perspectives, cozy viewpoints, and perky spreads of inner daylight.


The single story abiding amplifies south west towards the sound to exploit far reaching unhampered perspectives over the Peninsula. By appropriating the slanted site all things considered, the building rises up out of the scene to give the appearance it is easily drifting over the ground, permitting the house to connect with the site in both structure and materiality. The use of regular Australian timber hardwoods for the outside cladding reference the shades of the encompassing scene and help the working to inundate itself as a necessary expansion of the site.


The arranging course of action of the house is separated into three essential zones comprising of the guardian’s withdraw, the kid’s/visitor region, and an essential open arrangement living space and kitchen territory which are all coordinated toward the coast line. This advances an assortment of open and personal spaces that augment sun based access and the incredible perspectives toward the south.

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