How to make your new house feel like home

How to make your new house feel like home

Moving into one of the many luxury homes in Gulf Stream is always incredibly exciting, but it can take a while to feel like that’s where you belong. If you’re struggling to think of ways you can settle in faster, then this blog will be perfect for you. Here are some ways that you can quickly and easily make your new house feel like the home you’ve been looking for.


1. Photos and artwork

There’s nothing like seeing a familiar face, so make sure you hang some on your walls. Whether you already had some family portraits back at your old place or want to print some off, having your nearest and dearest close to you is sure to help you settle in more quickly. And don’t forget about your favorite paintings too. Because the artwork we love is so deeply personal to us, having it in a new space will bring comfort in an unsettling time.

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2. Fragrance

New homes can often smell quite empty, especially if you’ve been painting and decorating before moving entirely. While the smell of a freshly painted wall isn’t unpleasant, it makes you feel like you’re living in a showroom rather than a home. If you’re a fan of scented candles and incense, these can add a cozy atmosphere to your rooms. But if you prefer more natural smells, try baking a cake or a loaf of bread for a truly homely feel.

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3. Soft furnishings

Often one of the final things you think about, soft furnishings might not be essential to the functional running of your house, but they do make it feel like home. Once you’ve got your bed, couches, and armchairs in place, it’s time to think about cushions, throws, and fluffy blankets. All these home comforts will mean you can curl up and relax after a long day. Adding a few rugs or wall hangings to larger spaces will help them feel less open and sparse.


4. Music

New houses can feel too quiet and echoey, especially when you’re still unpacking furniture. Playing some of your favorite music while you get to work is the best way to feel more settled before you’re ready to sit down and take in the view. Whether you switch on a local radio station or connect your phone to some speakers, music will remind you of all the good times that have been and gone while raising your spirits.

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5. Invite guests over

There’s nothing like a housewarming party to make a new place feel like yours. It doesn’t even have to be a lot of people, just a few friends or family members that you love spending time with. Once your house is warm with the people you already know, you can start opening your doors to your new neighbors. It won’t be long before you feel so at home in your new house that you’ll forget a time existed before it.

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