Shield House by Studio H:T

Shield House by Studio H:T

Architects: Studio H:T
Location: Denver, Colorado, USA
Area: 3,000 sqft
Photo courtesy: Raul Garcia

This urban infill venture compares a tall, slim bended dissemination space against a rectangular living space.


The tall bended metal divider was an aftereffect of mass plane confinements and the need to give security from the general population decks of the nearby three story triplex. This component turns into the center of the living arrangement both outwardly and experientially.


It goes about as sun catcher that brings light down through the house from morning until right on time evening. During the evening it turns into a shining, inviting sail for guests.

Shield-House-02-1 Shield-House-02 Shield-House-03 Shield-House-04-1 Shield-House-04 Shield-House-05 Shield-House-06 Shield-House-07 Shield-House-08 Shield-House-09 Shield-House-13 Shield-House-14 Shield-House-15 Shield-House-16

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